Wednesday, March 23, 2005

So It Begins

Welcome to The Yellow Line blog. If you’re reading this first post, you almost certainly already know me. So I’ll skip the introduction and get right on with the question everyone is asking: why “The Yellow Line?” Well, The Yellow Line refers to the stripe that runs down the middle of the road, just as I hope this blog will find a middle-ground between all the partisan and ideological bluster littering the so-called blogosphere. There’s a lot of us out here who have strong convictions AND moderate views. There’s no need to be a “winger” to have firm beliefs.

So, yes, I’m going to write a lot about politics (this should not surprise any of you). But you’ll almost certainly see posts about pro sports, literature, movies and the joys of fatherhood (I’ll keep the diaper-changing stories to a minimum, I promise). That’s the beauty of a blog, I can write what I want and you can ignore what you choose.

So bookmark this site and stop in whenever you can for what I hope will be some interesting, thoughtful or at least amusing posts. And feel free to e-mail me your comments and tell others about The Yellow Line. My greatest hope would be for The Yellow Line to become a site where liberals and conservatives feel welcome, baseball and football are loved, light beer and stouts are consumed and the moderates of the world reign supreme.


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