Wednesday, April 13, 2005

No Place for Moderates in the Democratic Party?

Every now and then, The Yellow Line is compelled to offer the folks over at The Daily Kos a slap upside the head. In a post today, Kos said:

Fact is, Lieberman, the DLC [Democrat Leadership Council], and the so-called-liberal TNR [The New Republic] are tools of the GOP.

The numerous comments posted about this remark range from “The DLC doesn’t represent the party and should shut up” to “The DLC is destroying the country and should just become the Republicans they are.”

While it’s true the New Democrats of the DLC haven’t exactly electrified the country with their bold new ideas, The Daily Kos might want to consider that 20 U.S. Senators and 40 U.S. Representatives consider themselves New Democrats.

If they all became Republicans (as many Daily Kos members want them to), there wouldn’t be much of a Democratic party left in Congress. While the right wingers of the Republicans are smart enough to heavily promote their moderates (Giuliani, Schwarzenegger, McCain), the left wingers want to purge theirs from the party.

Maybe someday the insular community over at Daily Kos will realize they are just a very vocal, left-wing minority who will never win anything unless they can appeal to the large number of moderates in their party.


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