Friday, April 08, 2005

On Iraq: Who is Deceiving Whom

The Yellow Line has received a lot of e-mails regarding Iraq and it’s clear the debate could go on forever. So we’re ending this topic for now, but wanted to add this final thought: from reading all the comments, it is clear that both sides believe the other side is being deceived—even dangerously misled. The difference is that the anti-Iraq war side thinks it’s the administration doing the lying, while the pro-war side thinks it’s the liberal media that’s deceptive.

Why do we choose to believe our opponents are softheaded, basing their opinions not on facts but on deceptions? Do we all really think that the other half of America is too ignorant or too blind or too lazy to see the truth? And are we so sure of ourselves as to think we see clearly?

The media does too often focus on the negative, but that doesn’t make them purposefully deceptive. The Bush Administration did state as fact what turned out to be false (WMD), but that doesn’t mean their motives were corrupt. There really are solid arguments for and against the Iraq war—as there should be in any case of war. Perhaps, as one reader said, the division began when our Congress all but refused to debate the issue. Or perhaps we can blame a mass media where Rush Limbaugh and Michael Moore drown out more thoughtful voices.

Whatever precipitated this division, it is up to each of us to try to heal it. We at the Yellow Line have enjoyed the debate and hope our readers have, if nothing else, taken a moment to realize that the other side also has an honest argument.


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