Friday, April 29, 2005

The Problem with Democrats (and Republicans)

Democrats treat us all like children. So says Davod Gelernter in today’s LA Times, In his essay, Gelernter concludes:

That's the whole basis of Democratic philosophy (I use the term loosely). We'll take care of you. Leave the thinking to us. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, minority leaders of the House and Senate, respectively, — kindly Mom and Pop to a nation of intellectually limited youngsters. (But thank goodness, they love us anyway.)…

It all goes back to central planning, socialism, Marxism…"We are smart; you are dumb." That's the Infantile American Principle in a nutshell.

There is truth to this. Because Democrats have a Marxist-inspired world view where all problems are the direct result of oppression, they see their role as the protectors of the weak. It’s not that they think we can’t take care of ourselves, it’s that they think we don’t have the strength to fight our oppressors alone. So they support systems that protect us.

Oppression does happen and sometimes protections are needed. But the problem with the Democrats is that they fight oppression to the exclusion of supporting any other type of solution. Then again, the problem with the Republicans is that they often fight immorality to the exclusion of supporting any other type of solution.

157 years after Karl Marx released his Communist Manifesto the Democratic philosophy, indeed most all liberal thought, is still dominated by the paradigms of Marx. The time has come to leave that tired old thinking behind. Much in the same way as the time has come to leave theocratic urges behind. We do not need constant protection from perceived oppressors any more than we need constant protection from perceived immorality.

We say to both the Democrats and the Republicans: stop telling us how to live our lives. When we need your protection, we’ll ask for it.


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