Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Service Member: Good is Happening in Iraq

A member of The U.S. Armed Services responds to DD's (“Iraq Was the Wrong Choice”) remarks:

DD said: “Trying to correct a wrong at any price is not reasonable. Are we really protecting children by using force? Do our actions actually set a good example for the children of the world?”

It is unfortunate that the U.S. as a nation does not do more to publicize the good stories that come from the battles we fight. I would say we all need to ask more of our news agencies. Instead of just the sensational stories of human pain and suffering we should require our news agencies give fair and accurate reporting of the positive returns our servicemen fight so hard for everyday...Unfortunately the good actions that do get accomplished see little in the limelight of reportable news events. I can say that Rush Limbaugh has made the trip to the more stable Afghanistan and shed some light on the GOOD that is being accomplished for Afghanistan's portion of the world's children. The number of Iraqi children that are now able to go to schools we are building is probably not a number that can be easily counted/compared because the former regime gave no thought to educating the population.

DD says: “I feel very sorry for the troops that are over there and wish them a safe return. I pray that this war will produce good results. At this time the costs have been too high.

I will say, don't feel sorry. All of the troops knew what they signed on for when they joined. I did. I think [DD] probably sees the costs as too high for two possible reasons. [He has] been unable to see the positive effects or hear the words of praise from the indigenous population, or [he thinks] that the soldiers/civilians who have lost their lives gave them up in a poor exchange. I firmly believe that any loss of life exchanged to secure the freedom or safety of another is one that has been purchased with the ultimate sacrifice, a sacrifice where cost has no meaning. When I mention correcting a wrong at any price this is the price all people in service (police, fire, military) positions are willing to pay.


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