Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Who Runs the Republican Party?

Bull Moose offers up a provocative post about the current workings of the Republican party. The gist:

Ultimately, the problem with conservatism is not the faith v. doubt dichotomy but rather the Party is now dominated by a money elite who realizes that the only way to maintain power is to exploit the cultural war divisions in the country. As the Moose has pointed out, GOP illuminati certainly do not leave their homes in the morning with a passion to prevent Jim from marrying John or to save a fetus from an abortionist. For instance, many have loved ones who are gay, or they may be gay themselves. The powers that be in the GOP are far more concerned about eliminating the estate tax for multimillionaires than halting the death of the unborn.

The Moose may be overstating the issue, but you absolutely should read the whole post. And, by the way, if you're not reading Bull Moose daily, you're missing one of the best blogs on the net.


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