Friday, May 06, 2005

Hunting from your desktop

Wildlife regulators in California are preparing an emergency regulation to ban “hunters” from using the internet to shoot animals. At least fourteen other states and the US Congress are considering similar measures.

According to this website, that TYL found after a 10-second google search on the topic, members have the opportunity to shoot at paper and silhouette targets online (this site doesn’t appear to offer the possibility to shoot live game, but it does include an email address where you can get information on scheduling an “exotic big game” hunt on the Texas ranch). A shooter can:
challenge yourself and compare your skills to other members with our on-line target shooting. We have developed a system where you can control a pan/tilt/zoom camera and a firearm to shoot at real targets in real time

While your membership is active, access the viewing cameras to see how others stack up to your abilities, control the pan/tilt/zoom camera to take a look around, and schedule a reservation for your on-line shooting experience.

Currently, shooters on the site are able to fire 10 (ten) .22 caliber rounds at paper and silhouette targets. You may also have a DVD recording and/or the paper target from the session shipped as a memento of the occasion.

Ahhh, to enjoy the experience of the hunt....without leaving your desktop. Only in, or should that be 'from'?, Texas.

ALAN ADDS: Other than being an incredibly boring way to hunt, what exactly is wrong with an Internet site that lets you shoot deer on a legal game reserve? Is hunting now immoral? Or is it just that easy hunting is immoral? Seems like a big much ado about nothing to me.


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