Monday, May 23, 2005

More on the Washington Gubernatorial Election

Earlier today, I called for GOP gubernatorial hopeful Dino Rossi to step aside and allow Democrat Christine Gregoire continue serving as Washington’s governor. Here’s why.

First, the last and most credible count gave Gregoire a victory by 129 votes. That election result was certified by the Washington legislature and Gregoire was installed as governor.

Second, according to the Associated Press, the State of Washington expects to spend about $200,000 of taxpayer money on private lawyers defending the Secretary of State’s office. In addition, every county auditor and prosecutor is spending thousands of dollars in staff time to respond to the Republican lawsuit challenging the victory of Gov. Gregoire. Political parties have spent more than $4 million on the lawsuit. In both cases, these resources should be spent on services to the public.

Third, a new election would be a waste of taxpayer money. It’s estimated by the governor’s office that a new election would cost more than $4 million in taxpayer money. Again, this money could go to more deserving causes.

And, finally, the people of Washington State do not want a new election. A March GOP poll that shows that a majority of Washingtonians do not want a new election (35% wanted a new election; 58% did not). This despite the fact that if a new election were held Rossi would be elected by a substantial margin (54% to 38% for Gregoire).

What Washington State, as well as the rest of the country, needs is election reform that ensures that all barriers to the vote are removed, that all votes are counted, and that the results are enforced.


At 11:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The below statistics from the poll you quoted really says it all.

"Do you have more confidence, less confidence, or about the same amount of confidence in the election process as a result of the gubernatorial controversy?
More Confidence 17%
Less Confidence 61%
About the same amount 10%
Undecided 12%"

The residents of the State of Washington have already seen the type of ineffectual "election reform" that the liberal legislature passed on a party line vote. This was passed before any evidence was presented in the trial or any of the real facts were brought to light.

What kind of a system do you think we would have if this were just ignored?
How confident do you think voters would be about the fairness of the process if you never question the process?


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