Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The show has begun

After all, that’s what this really is. An opportunity for each party to showcase themselves for their “core constituents.”

Here’s how I see it:

The Republicans have moved beyond the point of no return. And, right now regardless of how this debate unfolds, I'm not sure if they can win the bigger political battle.

Say the Republicans win up or down votes on all 10 of the nominees (10 of 218 judicial nominees have been blocked by Democrats from votes, a much smaller number than most would assume), they win this battle. However, they give the Democrats what they've needed for the last 6 years -- an issue upon which to base a national campaign. The Republicans swept to office by building a case that the entrenched Democratic leadership was abusing power and out of touch with America. And, now, the Republicans are making that same case against themselves.

Let's say the Republicans fail to get votes on all 10 nominees.... They lose credibility with some parts of their core constituency. This may actually be less of a long-term "defeat" as this part of the Republican Party has no where else to turn. But, in an electorate as closely divided as ours it could make the difference in the 2006 mid-term and 2008 Presidential elections.

TYL will continue to monitor developments. Charging RINO is posting updates, but check back here for our opinions.


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