Saturday, June 25, 2005

Rove's Remarks Were a Trap

Glenn Reynolds thinks Rove's recent remarks were a well-laid trap. I completely agree. Think about it.

1) The story becomes a story not when Rove speaks but when Democrats get angry.

2) Now that it is a story, Republicans can run around quoting all the stupid things groups like MoveOn, people like Michael Moore and other far lefties have said about 9/11 and our duty to respond with force.

3) This in turn links responsible, mainstream Democrats with the tiny minority of fringe lefties who treated 9/11 as an excuse to criticize America.

4) So now, instead of arguing about how they want to better defend us, Democrats are left having to prove whether or not they want to defend us at all.

Next time Rove opens his mouth, Democrats should just ignore whatever comes out.


At 1:31 PM, Blogger Benjamin Franklin Gates said...

Go on

At 3:50 PM, Blogger AubreyJ said...

Oh yeah… The winds of 2006 start already.......
Let’s face it… Both sides, all sides have tried at times to take it just a little farther than need be. But as Robert will tell, (over and over again and 100% correct I might add,) “THAT'S POLITICS!!!”

At 5:43 PM, Blogger Adm. Happy Horatio Hornhonker said...

Hello there:

I got linked to your site here from a friend of mine over at the (of all places) Grateful Dead board. And after reading through some of the back posts and comments I thought I'd leave one of my own observations of this latest flap over Rove and the liberals . . .

Rove does nothing without a plan -- whether or not this latest plan is a well laid out trap that will garner it's total desired affects remains to be seen . . .

But what is IT that is really driving the man behind the President?

Is Rove and his able crew of screeching Flying Monkeys blaring and bleating to try to yell over the touchy feely liberal left? Naw....

Why would he or they bother with that? Especially what with how fine a job that the media has done by picking up and running with the latest shenanigans of Dean and Durbin. No -- something else is driving this latest escapade to cause Rove to appear in the spotlight.

Rove's negative divisive rallying cry is aimed directly at subduing the growing number of those within their own silent majority who have started to question the abilities of the administration -- not to mention some of the fringe elements of conservative true-blue-bleating believers. Even these two factions are exhibiting early signs of war weariness.

What with the "moderates" having to level with the American citizens and explain how things have gone south in Iraq, and how much more time, money and blood will have to be poured down the sinkhole to underwrite Bush's promises of victory, the gloves have come off.

Now the Roverians appear to have made the decision they are unable to counteract this current mood - not without taking unacceptable hits here at home. But come on - What the hell's a few American troops, I mean, hey they're expendable. And be it that Bush's political clout is becoming a wee bit more precious not to mention hard to find - what's a few more years, and a couple hundred billion more - to prop up the base here at home? Much too scarce, apparently to waste on an exercise as superficial as a presidential appeal for patriotic togetherness and further sacrifice.

Rove could be correct. Iraq already may be too far down the hole to revitalize with the good ol' red, white, and blue speeches and the; '...democracy is the best weapon for fighting terrorists abroad.' Heck - the Rove team is most likely hoping and praying that July 4th gets here none too soon! But the current numbers are not looking good, nor actually favor using the eloquent PR of the past to turn things around. Gone to that well too many times.

Nope! Rove is returning to the roots that garnered them a vocal crowd to support their rise. Returning to the raw, more savage and brutal tactics to get the good ol' base fired up.

Fox News, Rush, the blogger Flying Monkey brigade have all grumbled, growled and cajoled their listeners and the outcome appears to have been found less than satisfactory. So now Karl's dislodged himself as simply Bush's brain, the shadow outside the light, and jumped into the spotlight of the center-ring of this circus himself.

But, like many a seriously hilarious clown on first glance, Rove has now become open to prying eyes for many, many other reasonable people to see the true pathos behind his mask.

His calculated risk is that by becoming the main attraction it may backfire that he actually ends up displaying his fear. Oh come on now - everyone has fears. His current clown-like rhetoric of hooowwwlin' in the ears of those most attracted to these antics who sit front row center only rings hollow to the rest of the crowd back in the rear seats who see it as a sign that the clown isn't actually all laughs and gags. To those folks this negative tactics are becoming more and more pathetic.

Rove's attempt at intimidation, attack the patriotic backbone of fellow Americans, is really beginning to sound specious. He's pushing as many of the most base primal instinct buttons of the ultra-conservatives as he can. And he's pressing realy hard on them in hopes he makes those touchy feely liberals the story . . . not the march of folly currently sinking into the Iraqi dust.

After all -- Rove's well known political strategies have always included the firm belief that bullshit will baffle 'em and thereby override reality -- as long as the desired message is in line with the mythological beliefs of his base, not to mention the prejudices that support those myths.

But the difference now?

It's the myth maker directly coming out into the ring. It's Bush's brain himself.

What about Bush?


Welcome to the center ring of the circus Karl.

PS: Next time Rove opens his mouth someone with sense should stuff a sock in that negative divisive piehole of his. It's done wonders for Kerry.

It would do wonders for the betterment of the nation.


At 9:01 PM, Blogger Alan Stewart Carl said...


Great thoughts. Rove's move was absolutely made because he fears support for the war has weakend. It was very skillful rhetoric. He pretended that because the left is opposed to the Iraq War that is was also de facto opposed to the Afghanistan war. That is, of course, historical revisionism. But it's skillful because it twists reality to make opposition to Iraq seem as unpatriotic and wrong-minded as was opposition to Afghanistan.

It was a a total lie that, to many, seems like it could be true.

I've always thought Rove is no more immoral (or amoral) than any other political consultant--almost all of them are divisive by nature with a casual relationship with the truth--but Rove is simply better at it.

But i don't think even Rove can spin more support for Iraq.

At 12:16 AM, Blogger Adm. Happy Horatio Hornhonker said...

Ah yes -- Thanks Michael!

> These guys have seen some poll
> numbers that scare them.

"One should make no more assumptions than needed. The simplest explanation is the best. When multiple explanations are available for a phenomenon, the simplest version is preferred."

Where have we heard this before?

Eh Alan?

At 1:12 AM, Blogger Robert Rouse said...

Or . . . and this just may be a very tired mind at thought . . . perhaps Rove was trying to jack up the New York GOP into a feeding frenzy in gratitude for his nifty award!

At 7:59 AM, Anonymous JoshinAZ said...

In response to number 3, being connected to those "mer-eh-ca haters" has nothing to do with Democrats getting angry at Rove. What he said was downright filthy and has no place in a national debate, ESPECIALLY since Karl Rove is not you're ordinary political hack, he is one of Bush's puppetmasters.

At 12:07 PM, Blogger Alan Stewart Carl said...

Micahel asked that his comment be removed because he was signe on with the wrong account. Here's what he said:

"I agree it was a trap. But it was a stupid, shortsighted, desperate move. Pick your issue: Social Security, CAFTA, Tax Reform, judges, Iraq, the President needs support from beyond his base.

Rove just slapped the "non-base" in the face. He needs Dems and Independents to advance the President's agenda, and he chose to slap Dems in the face.

Why? Because support for Iraq is dropping like a rock. Rove is solidifying the base by bashing Dems. They are so terrified now of a collapse in public support that Rove is in effect kissing off Bush's agenda in favor of staunching the bleeding. These guys have seen some poll numbers that scare them.

MIchael Reynolds"

At 12:08 PM, Blogger Alan Stewart Carl said...


You're right. I may be giving Rove too much credit. Still, he's managed to spin this incident to garner maximum benefit. But will the benefit outweigh the negatives of such obviously divisive strategy?

My guess--no one remembers this in a month or two.

At 1:18 PM, Blogger Adm. Happy Horatio Hornhonker said...


> one remembers this in a month or two...

As long as they're smart enough to keep him away from the cameras and a microphone...


At 6:23 PM, Blogger Jami said...

Why in the world should we turn the other cheek when someone took the worst tragedy in our nation's history and used it to call half the country pussies?

That someone we're all paying a great deal of money said it doesn't open it up so other people can say it. Those who felt it already said it. And the fact that we're fighting back doesn't make it easier for people to say it.

I'm mad and I'm tired of putting up with all their dirt just because they've got Rush Limbaugh on their side. I don't expect moderates to jump in, and I don't think we should waste one second we'd normally spend talking about how to succeed in Iraq and what to do about the lies we were told to get there, but we have plenty of time after to that to say that Rove's scapegoating and filth are unacceptable.

At 6:25 AM, Blogger Adm. Happy Horatio Hornhonker said...

Well this really places the words of that 'genius' Karl Rove in a different light....

: Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld
: acknowledged Sunday that U.S. officials met with
: insurgents in Iraq, after a British newspaper
: reported two such meetings took place recently
: at a villa north of Baghdad.

To help show the continuity of my opinion on this issue- and if you haven't read my original thoughts on this- please do so here Rove does nothing without a plan where I wrote:

: : Rove's negative divisive rallying cry is aimed directly at
: : subduing the growing number of those within their own
: : silent majority who have started to question the abilities
: : of the administration.

And how does this latest news dovetail with my previous post there?

This latest news about meeting with the enemy underscores that the military on the ground in Iraq and Rumsfeld have had to face the fact that the only way to stem the possibility of further decline into all out civil war in Iraq is to take two steps back to go one step forward.

There can be no progress in containing the al-Zarqawi factions in Iraq without some form of partial capitulation to the non-secular Baathists and the Sunni's (that continue to be anti-American occupation) who have no love for the al-Zarqawi led groups.

By now anyone reading this may be wondering; What the hell does this have to do with the words of Karl Rove?

Well, basically . . . The political Rove spin machine was put in a position where they first had to callously -- and I also say maliciously -- take the (as Jami said) ". . . worst tragedy in our nation's history and use[d] it to call half the country pussies?" . . . and thereby scapegoat the 'liberals' to appear as weak as possible once again.

That way -- as this latest news filters into the press the White House does not appear to be losing the strongest point they have in their battle for the hearts and minds of their base. And that strongest point has always been: Strength and resolution- of never backing down or looking for a way out of a fight.

And yes I really believe that Rove doesn't give one big whoop about tarring half the nation to keep the egg off the boss' face and the polling numbers going further in the tank..

This all may just be my overactive 8th grade educated guess -- But my six-decade intuition tells me different.

Admirably yours--

Jonah D. Wail


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