Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Support for Iraq War Slipping

Nearly 60% of Americans are now dissatisfied with the War in Iraq. That’s no surprise. Since the elections, there has been no grand bit of good news to remind Americans that progress is being made. But there have been a lot of terrorist and insurgent attacks to remind us of the costs.

I think the loss of support is going to be a problem that continues in the months ahead. Americans are a strong-willed bunch but Iraq is requiring a lot more stamina than I think most of us expected. After awhile, more and more people are going to question whether we actually can be successful in building a democracy in Iraq.

What the poll doesn’t seem to have asked was how many Americans thought we should still stay. Im, for one think it would be a disaster to pull out now. We must provide security until after a constitution is created and a permanent government elected. Some have suggested we turn the security operations over to UN forces but what group of UN nations could supply enough troops with enough training to handle operations? Unfortunately, it is either the Americans and our current coalition allies or no one.

However, no American wants to see this war go on indefinitely. We will likely have bases in Iraq for many, many years as long as the Iraqi government permits us to be there (we’ve been in South Korea for over 50 years, remember), but we do need to get the national guard units and reserves out of Iraq as soon as conditions allow.

Is there an exit strategy? I hope so. Obviously we’re not going to broadcast an exact date for withdrawal as it would give the insurgents/terrorists a date to work towards. But slow withdrawal should be on the table. And I have a feeling that if Bush and the Pentagon don’t’ start publicly addressing the issue of an exit strategy then the support for the war will continue to decrease.

We must stay for now. But we can’t stay forever.


At 11:32 AM, Blogger AubreyJ said...

Alan, I can not believe 60% to be a true reading on what the country feels about Iraq. The way the question is put, (are you dissatisfied with the War in Iraq,) the 60% is most likely close to the answer many people answered with. I’d answer with I’m not satisfied at all myself… YET!!! I think the real question and answer to how the war is going is the one you yourself asked... “How many Americans thought we should stay?” And that question is still not asked right. It should be asked, “How many Americans think we should stay TILL THE JOB IS DONE?” This will give you a more TRUE answer as to what is going on in the minds of the American people. I think I read the other day that this number was up around 70% stating we should stay till the job is done. Anyway… I for one do not believe in polls anymore. Polls are a tool of the past that have very little truths to them these days………

At 12:25 PM, Blogger Shay said...

The mainstream media's overwhelmingly negative reporting doesn't help matters. Why does it take bloggers to point out the good news and developments coming out of the country as well? While hardly perfect, the war in Iraq hasn't been a basket case either. The truth is somewhere in between.

At 8:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My direction with this is different. We did a great job in record time removing the Taliban and establishing a Government in Afghanistan. They have their own problems but it seems far different than Iraq probably because of position in the Middle East and the oil. Going after Saddam Hussein was a smart move to start resolving issues in the Middle East. But we’re smack dab in the middle of the Middle East with a culture that is primarily Muslim and made up of multiple tribes as separate Governments. There’s nothing wrong with being Muslim or belonging to a tribe instead of living in a town. That is, until they want to cause trouble where I live. That’s where I draw the line. In other words, you can do what you want and say what you want on your own property, but don’t come over to my property and cause me trouble because that’s when you’ll hear from me.

Having said that, now we are down the road with an operation to resolve a problem. I doubt they would let us have Iraq without a fight, would you? After all, they view us as coming in and upsetting not only Iraq but the whole area. Then add the religious component as well as oil and a feeling of being invaded, there’s bound to be trouble.

What to do is another thing….. Perhaps the problem is dealing with Insurgents from neighboring countries? The question really targets many things and not just the obvious fact of going after the Insurgents. Anything we do that helps get these people to stand on their own two feet will lessen our liabilities. The sooner they are able to make it happen, the sooner we are able to see our people come home. Giving up isn’t an option.
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