Thursday, July 21, 2005

Another attack in London

Details aren’t in yet, but there has been a second attack on the London underground and bus system. In an attack remarkably similar to the attacks two weeks ago, 3 trains and 1 bus have been targeted. CNN and others are providing details as they break. TYL will provide our analysis after we learn the details.

ALAN UPDATES: Right now, CNN is reporting that one of the bombers may have survived the attack and is in the hospital where police have responded.

I have nothing to add but to reiterate what I said two weeks ago. These attacks should only steel our resolve to confront these murderers. The cannot be appeased. They can only be defeated.

UPDATE: London police have confirmed there were four explosions or "attempts at explosions." There are no reported cassualties which is incredibly good news. It is still unclear what has happened at the hospital. It now appears that police went in looking for a man believed to have been involved in one of today's bombings.

Prime Minister Blair spoke around 10:30 a.m. ET in a manner that was both resolved and relaxed. Australian Prime Minister Howard was by his side and both men reconfirmed their nation's committments to defeating these terrorists. There is no doubt that incidents such as this only further the resolve to confront these groups.


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