Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Cheney in '08?!?

Conservatives are mobilizing to get Cheney to run for President in ’08. See this Washington Times Op-Ed.

Right now a bunch of my more liberal readers are salivating at the thought. Cheney!?! He who hasn’t had an approval rating over 50% since Kobe Bryant had a good name? Yep. But he’s not as beatable as some might think. A Cheney candidacy would almost certainly cause the lefties to hyperventilate and way overplay Cheney’s shortcomings, thus making Cheney look to be on the side of intelligence and reason. Believe it or not, “Cheney is Satan” is not a convincing argument against the man.

Of course, if the Dems nominate Hillary Clinton, we could see the same inanity from the right. A Clinton v. Cheney battle? Where’s Ross Perot when you need him.


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