Saturday, April 16, 2005

Frist Shows Leadership on Darfur

The Yellow Line has been harsh on Senator Frist recently. And while we continue to question his actions in the matter of filibusters, we wanted to applaud the Senator for his sincere leadership on one matter TYL finds of utmost importance.

Yesterday, Frist delivered a speech on the Senate floor urging more action in Darfur. Frist concluded with:

While I am heartened by the aid pledges made this week by the international community, more must be done. Global pressure must be brought to bear.

I urge the United Nations to formally recognize the reality of the Darfur crisis. What is happening there is genocide. The Khartoum government will not stop the killing until it is faced with stiff international pressure.

Every day the world fails to act, Khartoum gets closer to its genocidal goal. And every day the world fails to act, it compounds its shame.

We must not let this happen. We cannot fail the Darfur people. They are pleading for our help. They are pleading for their lives.

Well said.

Thanks to Coalition for Darfur for alerting us to Frist’s speech.


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