Friday, April 15, 2005

Frist in Midst of Blogstorm

There is a LOT of blog reaction to the decision by a religious right group to denounce the Democrats as being against people of faith (which we wrote about earlier today). What’s really got people in a lather is Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist’s decision to speak to this group.

The Moderate Voice is all over this story and is compiling a great collection of reactions from all points of the political spectrum.

Those on the far religious right have for years been trying to make everyone who doesn’t agree with them seem faithless. But usually they’ve been less blatant in their political maneuverings. Now they appear to have given up on credibility altogether.

Religion has never cured politics. But politics has always corrupted religion.

If this is the path Senator Frist wants to travel to the White House, let’s hope he doesn’t get any closer than Iowa.


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