Friday, April 15, 2005

Religious groups have the right oppose same sex marriage

Conservative Judaism's Rabbinical Assembly announced Monday that a key panel has "upheld the biblical injunction against homosexual behavior." The decision keeps in place a ban against the ordination of openly gay rabbis and commitment ceremonies for same-sex couples.

In keeping with the Yellow Line’s previously stated position (here, and here), we believe that “one’s own family and community (most often through a religious institution and always through some form of ceremony) confer the spiritual unity that is marriage.” Thus, the Rabbinical Assembly is well within their rights to not confirm marital status upon openly gay couples. The Yellow Line also supports their right to deny ordination of openly gay rabbis.

However, the Yellow Line will continue to argue that the government, under the equal protection clause, must confer equal rights for couples who chose to enter into a committed union regardless of sexual orientation.


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