Friday, April 01, 2005

Sex Ed --

Last week, the US Department of Health and Human Services unveiled a website designed for parents who are embarrassed about talking with their children about sex. Not surprisingly, the website stresses the promotion of abstinence. As HHS Secretary Leavitt said last week when the site was launched:
Parents have a tremendous amount of influence on their children and we want them to talk with their teens about abstinence so that they can stay safe and healthy.

The site also says:
If you believe your adolescent may be gay, or is experiencing difficulties with gender identity or sexual orientation issues, consider seeing a family therapist who shares your values to clarify and work through these issues.

Not surprisingly several advocacy groups have criticized the site.

Teaching abstinence is fine. However, the Bush administration must also utilize the opportunity to provide clear, scientific information on contraception, STDs and pregnancy. The administration also should provide support for youth who are confused about their sexual identity.


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