Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Reader Rebuttal: Iraq Was Wrong Choice

Reader DD writes:

The author [of We’re Right to Be in Iraq] writes "In the case of Iraq they have lied to the International community, their own citizens, and broken international laws since well before the first gulf war. Whether the answer is WMD, Human Rights Violations, extreme embezzlement (Oil for Food), or simple deceit (Ministry of Information) the only response is to correct the wrong regardless of the price."

Trying to correct a wrong at any price is not reasonable. Are we really protecting children by using force? Do our actions actually set a good example for the children of the world? As a country we are very bad about selling what good we do for the world. Maybe if we spent more time promoting our good we would not have to use force so often.

I am not saying that we should never have been in the region but at this time it was wrong. It is that our leaders had a very bad plan and reasons to attack. I feel very sorry for the troops that are over there and wish them a safe return. I pray that this war will produce good results. At this time the costs have been to high.


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