Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Differing Beliefs No Excuse for Censorship

Most of you have probably heard that several IMAX theaters in a dozen US cities are refusing to show any movies that endorse the theory of evolution. Well, today, the head of the Association for the Advancement of Science has publically ridiculed these theaters’ decision.

The suppression of scientifically accurate information as a response to those with differing perspectives is inappropriate and threatens both the integrity of science and the broader public education to which we all are committed.

We couldn’t agree more. It is absolutely ridiculous that theaters would censor movies dealing with evolution. If we as a people refuse to show curiosity and if we refuse to so much as listen to other viewpoints, then what future does this nation have? We were founded on intellectual vitality, on a commitment to ideas and on a belief that all ideas should be welcomed and heard.

Just because certain people don’t agree with a theory doesn’t mean that theory should be silenced.

The theater owners in question should be ashamed.


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