Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Texas Shoot Out

Yee-haw, here we go. The AP is reporting that the 2006 Republican gubernatorial primary race is heating up in Texas as current Governor Rick Perry and assumed-challenger Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson are dueling it out over that critical Texas issue: Hillary Clinton.

Last week, Perry's campaign circulated a video that showed the conservative senator speaking kindly of Clinton, and now a 1993 letter has emerged in which Perry called Clinton's health care reform efforts "commendable."

Good God! Complimenting Hillary! Isn’t that a hanging offense in Texas?

As for the Democrats, they are assuring the state that they will have a candidate soon. Right after the two remaining Texas Democrats decide which of them is going to run.

But both parties better get a move on or they’re going to lose ground to the already up-and-running gubernatorial campaign of Kinky Friedman.

The Friedman campaign is short on policy details, but we whole-heartedly support this stance:

Our icons are being demeaned. Cowboys are no longer heroes for our children, but subject to derision. We are being laughed at instead of respected in the rest of the country. What has happened to our glorious heritage? This is the great state of Texas! We are not wusses, we are Texans. "We will beat back the wussification of Texas if we have to do it one wuss at a time." - Kinky Friedman

This election is going to be a fun. The Yellow Line promises complete coverage from the frontlines.


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