Monday, March 28, 2005

The War in Iraq - Support our Troops, but question how we got there

The Yellow Line has avoided this issue a little too long. Both contributors are in agreement that we are there and that we should stay there. We need to support our troops to the fullest extent possible, with manpower and equipment. We should see this through to the end – an end that will, hopefully, see a stable and democratic Iraq.

The real question that needs to be addressed is how we got there. Today’s Chicago Tribune has a good article detailing the destruction of anthrax in Iraq years prior to the war. This information, as the Tribune concludes,
demonstrates anew that the war was launched on the basis not of hard fact, but of speculation and untruths, especially about Iraqi motives and actions.

Again, now that we are there, we must stay and support our troops. But, we are also justified in questioning the leadership that led us into this war.


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