Friday, March 25, 2005

Why I Left the Democratic Party

Joe told you why he left the Republicans, now let me explain why I left the Democrats. The Democrats stand against the Republicans. But what do they stand for? Unfortunately, this void of ideas is being filled with a particularly disturbing group of far-left liberals.

This new “base” holds a worldview that divides all people between the oppressors and the unfortunates. The unfortunates are always believed to be victims, righteous people whose sorrowful condition can be blamed almost exclusively on some form of systemized oppression. And America (particularly capitalist white America) is said to be the world’s greatest oppressor.

In this worldview, if you are not a victim then you are an oppressor. If you are not a native to a group, you are a threat. Ideas are only valid if they are not dominant. Religion is only noble if it’s not Christianity (or Judaism if the discussion is Israel).

The world is rife with oppression and America has been known to cause needless harm, but the far left’s absolutism is a ridiculous ideology that I can’t come close to buying into. And while the vast number of Democrats don’t buy into it either, their party is being taken over by those that do. And these ideologues are being welcomed because of their energy and willingness to do the grassroots work. When Howard Dean became the head of the DNC, I left the party.

But I can’t possibly go over to the Republicans, who’ve been taken over by their own brand of ideologues. So I’m staying right here and trying to hold onto the middle.


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