Thursday, March 24, 2005

Good Comments on Schiavo, The City

Joe W writes:

Can't believe you're letting the Schiavo issue die (poor choice of words) this easily.  I, as one of 200 registered republicans in my Washington DC precinct, can't believe the hypocrisy of the republicans on this issue.  Individual liberty, personal choice, LIMITED government…. except when we talk about issues relating to life and death.  Abortion, death penalty, Terry Schiavo.  As a society, we should, as the President says, err on the side of life (which is why I find the whole conservative position on the death penalty so amusing). However, this case is an amazing power grab by the right of the political spectrum aimed to fully cement a new "base" for the republican party (and, the fact that I now consider this the base of the party is why I will probably officially change my registration to an independent).

Second, there are areas of the city where you can have a back yard (as small as it is) and where children are welcomed by strangers.  Although, I'll admit that carrying Mel to your place the other night, we did get a few stares.

Note: Joe lives in Capitol Hill, the exception to the rule in DC urban neighborhoods.


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