Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Fatherhood in the City

Not quite the stuff of an HBO sitcom, but I think I just amused a number of people. Jen’s at the hospital tonight, so I’m the grown-up on call. It’s raining. Aidan is in a foul mood. And the dog had to be walked. After briefly considering the consequences of not walking Bruce, I opted to throw on the Baby Bjorn and hit the streets.

So there I was in the rain, a 25-pound toddler strapped to my chest and kicking me in the crotch as my big ole mutt pulled me along like I was on broken skis. People were stopping their cars to stare. No, really, the cashier actually came out of the 7-11 to ask if I needed help. It was that bad. And people wonder why couples move out of the city once they have a family. What I wouldn’t give for a backyard.


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