Friday, March 25, 2005

Which City Has the Best Team?

Jack McCallum at Sports Illustrated recently wrote this article about great NBA franchises. Spurs were, of course, #1. But what caught my eye was this comment:

They [The Spurs] are integrated into the lifeblood of the community more than any other franchise in the NBA, probably as much as any team in any sport.

Wow. As a former and future resident of San Antonio, I can certainly see that. It’s a one-team town and they (we) LOVE the Spurs. Closest I’ve seen is the Cowboys in Dallas or the Yankees in New York, among native New Yorkers. But I imagine the Packers in Green Bay are pretty integrated.

As for DC, the Redskins are loved, but not all that universally. The Nationals are a novelty. The Wizards are, well, the Wizards (despite recent success, I don’t think anyone can really love a team named after a guy in a purple dress and dunce hat). And most people here have probably forgotten The Capitals even exist. Have probably forgotten that the, uh, what was it called? The N something L. No Hockey League. Does that exist anymore?

Watch me get more e-mails about this than any other post.


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