Friday, March 25, 2005

A second voice of moderation

Alan has asked me to join him in his quest to create a blog where those like him and I, who walk down the middle of the road, can come to express our views on politics, sports, and life. I thought I’d begin my formal contributions to The Yellow Line with a little about myself….

I consider myself an "Illinois Republican" (no, not of the Alan Keyes model). I have worked in the offices of two Republican governors and spent the 2000 campaign season working on efforts that supported the Bush campaign. Until recently, I was one of about 210 registered Republicans living in my ward in Washington, D.C. Now, I am one of 550 registered Independents.

The reason I left the Republican Party is simple – hypocrisy. I cannot support a party that speaks of America as "a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom" but yet works to circumvent the Geneva Convention. I cannot support a party that claims detest judicial activism, but then passes a law that all but requires the courts to intervene in an otherwise decided matter (Terry Schiavo). I cannot support a party that preaches fiscal restraint, but continually fails to adopt a balanced budget. Nor can I support a party that preaches states rights only when the state's decision agrees with the party position.

The reason I cannot join the Democratic Party is equally as simple – I’m not sure what they stand for today. Are they for the war in Iraq or against it? Are they for reform of Social Security or is the system "not broken"? What is their vision?

What America needs, and what I hope The Yellow Line will bring, is a new outlook. An outlook that seeks to find the middle ground. A place where we can all agree (Ok, at least most of us).


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