Friday, April 08, 2005

Sports and Violence

Sports are a central part of American culture. Basketball is ingrained into the fabric of communities throughout Indiana. Football rules many Texas towns. And, hockey… ok, no one really cares about hockey, do they?

Unfortunately, in Canton, Texas earlier this week a parent forget that sports are, well sports, and not anything more.

We have sports in our high schools to teach values – winning and losing, sportsmanship, and, in many cases, gender equity. Sports also teach students to be active and to live a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, far too many view sports as much more than this (often seeing sports as a way to a better life).

This view was lost on Rhonda Miller, a cousin of Robertson’s wife, who according to ESPN said:

She didn’t want Robertson portrayed as “a lunatic” because he wasn’t the only frustrated with the school’s athletic program.

“A lot of parents are upset. This is not a single incident, and if they don’t take care of it, it could escalate,” she said, declining to elaborate.


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