Saturday, April 23, 2005

This Woman Has No Idea How to Grift

Well, it’s safe to eat at Wendy’s again. AP is reporting that the finger-in-the-chili was just a big scam:

Scammer Anna Ayala has been arrested and will rightfully be going away for awhile. But I have to wonder, why’d she do it? It reminds me of the whole syringe in the Pepsi hoax back in 1993. Is putting disgusting foreign objects into your food or drink really the best way to pull a con job?

I mean, isn’t the idea behind grifting to not get a lot of attention, let alone national exposure? What was this woman thinking? It can’t be easy to get a hold of a severed finger. The Yellow Line’s advice: next time just drop a bobby pin in the chili, take the free-meal vouchers and call it a day.


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