Thursday, May 12, 2005

DC Area Snipers to be Tried in Maryland

After already being convicted in Virginia, the DC area snipers are now going on trial in Maryland. Six of the ten victims of John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo were killed in Maryland and prosecutors feel they have an obligation to try the two snipers, even though Muhammad has already been sentenced to death and Malvo will likely never be released from Virginia prison.

I understand why some would want to try these two men again. After all, they terrorized the DC area with a cold-bloodedness that defies human understanding. Just about all of us who were in Washington then will admit that the snipers sent far greater fear into our hearts than did the terrorist attacks of September, 11th. It was that horrific. Every time you stepped out of your house, you just didn’t know if you’d be safe. You didn’t know if your loved ones would be safe. All you could do was pray.

I cannot imagine punishment on earth severe enough for these two killers.

So why try them again? Why disinter those memories? By sentencing Muhammad to death and by sentencing Malvo to life in prison, we have already done as much as we can legally do. We have no earthly punishments left to us.

Some crimes are so heinous that there can be no real justice, no real closure. This is one of those crimes. Virginia has taken care of all we can take care of. Maryland should just let it be. Nothing more can be done.


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