Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Gay Men's Brains React Differently to Pheromones

New research has shown that homosexual men respond to pheromones differently than straight men. In fact, “the homosexual men's brains responded more like those of women when the men sniffed a chemical from the male hormone testosterone.”

I have long accepted that homosexuality is a natural state to which some people are born. In my mind, it is neither abnormal nor immoral. But I wonder what those who think homosexuality is sinful would do if scientists proved that homosexuality was not a choice but a natural, normal condition.

Unfortunately, many would probably disregard the science or label it a conspiracy in the same way so many blindly believe that there’s no evidence for evolution. The most nefarious might try to use the science to “cure” homosexuals through pharmacy or surgery. Bigotry towards gays and lesbians is very hardened in a lot of people's minds.

But hopefully this kind of research can still change a few minds. Every bit helps.


At 9:18 AM, Blogger Sean said...

whether homosexuality is something a person is "born with", or has "biological" base is completely irrelevant to whether or not it is considered a sin.
Not saying i agree, or disagree. But this idea that scientific proof will somehow "prove" somethign is not sinful, is a waist of time.
As far as trying to "cure" or "change" it if there is a biological cause- what would be wrong with that? If somebody did not want to live that lifestyle, why not give them that option?

At 9:53 AM, Blogger Alan Stewart Carl said...

Certainly, to many people, it is meaningless to prove homosexuality is natural. But to others, having proof that it is not a choice could change their minds. I mean, you have to think God is pretty cruel to cause people to be born sinners (other than original sin which, in Christianity, is washed away at Baptism). Sinning is, by definition, a choice. If being gay isn’t a choice, how is it a sin?

As for "curing" people of homosexuality, I am very cautious of any attempts to bio-engineer ourselves. It's one thing to cure cancer. Quite another to cure something that isn't at all harmful. Once you start bio-engineering you start homogenizing people--but who gets to pick what is normal or appropriate? The problem isn’t with individuals choosing to have themselves “cured.” The problem is with outside groups want to “cure” others of a perceived illness. Far right groups might try to coerce or use laws to force homosexuals to be fixed. Far left groups might try to use laws to have the aggressive center of men’s brains fixed. It’s a slippery slope this bio-engineering.

It’s like cloning. We have no business playing God. The ethical and moral dilemmas are too severe.


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