Monday, May 09, 2005

Poor reporting leads to a distortion of the facts

Last Friday, TYL commented on a judicial ruling in Montgomery County Maryland that prevented the local school district from implementing a new sex-ed program for eighth and tenth graders.

TYL saw the court’s ruling as a clear case of judicial activism where in the court stepped in to prevent the implementation of a program that was being harshly criticized by the religious community for its inclusion of a discussion on homosexuality.

After doing a little more digging, thanks in large part to a comment TYL received from MaxedOutMama, TYL believes that this may be one of those cases where reasonable people can disagree with the motives of the lawsuit but agree with the ruling of the judge.

The news article we linked to, as well as several others out there on this issue last week, didn’t include a full discussion of what is in the curriculum being proposed by Montgomery County school officials. Specifically, parts of the curriculum provide an opinion on what the Church considers or does not consider a sin. The Moderate Voice has a good discussion on the content of the curriculum here.

If we support separation of Church and state, we must not only support prohibiting schools from endorsing religion, we must also support prohibiting schools from condemning religion.

By the way, TYL strongly believes that the vast majority of the mainstream news media is unbiased and does a credible job of reporting the full story in most cases.


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