Monday, May 23, 2005

The Top 10 Issues That Are Vastly More Important Than The Filibuster

As the Senate moves into its second week of so-called debate over the future of the filibuster, it has become clear that the Senate has lost all perspective on what is important to this nation.

What else could possibly be more important than a parliamentary procedure that appears nowhere in the constitution and was most famously used to obstruct civil rights legislation? Well, we here at The Yellow Line have developed a top ten list of issues that should be of much greater interest to the Senate.

This is just a beginning and listed in no particular order. Feel free to offer your own suggestions as to what issues you’d rather see our illustrious Senators (whom we pay $162,000 a year) discuss.

• Reforming Social Security.

• Finding solutions to America’s healthcare problems.

• Tackling the budget deficit and slow economic growth.

• Devising a more balanced and intelligent means to allocate funds for Homeland Security.

• Developing new programs to promote Democracy around the world.

• Strengthening our border security

• Creating incentives for the development of alternative fuels and other solutions to solve gowing energy costs.

• Simplifying the tax code.

• Repealing or at least significantly improving REAL ID and tackling the problem of identity theft.

• Curtailing the excesses of lobbyists.


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