Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Everyone Else is Commenting on Michael Jackson, so...

He's free.

I didn't follow the trial, but I did follow the late-night talk show jokes, so I feel qualified to offer this opinion: oh, who am I kidding? I got nothing. The man's a walking circus act but that doesn't make him a criminal. Or so the jury believed. Case closed. Now our major media will have to go back to covering other completely irrelevant news stories.

As a side note: has anyone else noticed that California is great at convicting celebrities for drug possession and shop lifting, but not so good with major crimes? Interesting.


At 7:26 PM, Anonymous Mia Landignam said...

Hollywood is famous for celebrities and I guess that's all they have, like they have no real criminals just celebrities to put on trial and pay their way off the shit. Michael Jackson is innocent in my book but he should now know that he should keep them kids away from his house. If he wants to see kids take them in public where he will have thousands of witnesses that can say he did nothing to them damn kids. He is a great guy just a little stuck in a childhood he never had.Beside he has his own kids why did he have to mess with other people kids. Everybody wants to blame Michael for molesting kids but they can't find the perpertrators that are out killing and raping little kid's or babies for that matter. I guess what they say the more money you make the more problems for you.


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