Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Jack Abramoff: A Portrait of Corruption

Politics might not cause corruption but it sure can lead to some amazingly crooked behavior. The most recent tale of corruption is also one of the most shockingly heartless to come out in years. And it involves Republican power-player and lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his business partner Michael Scanlon.

The tale of their alleged misdeeds is long and involved. But one of the most disgusting acts was reported last night on ABC's Nightline. Without getting into the nitty gritty, here are the details.

• Abramoff represented Indian tribe casino interests in Louisiana.

• The Louisiana tribe felt they were losing business to an El Paso, Texas tribe's casino

• Abramoff used the Louisiana tribe's casino money to fund a Christian grassroots opposition to the El Paso casino on the grounds that gambling is immoral

• The grassroots campaign worked and the El Paso casino was shut down, putting around 400 Native Americans out of work and shutting off the tribe's only viable source of income

• Abramoff then met with the El Paso tribe and sold them on his services, saying he could get them reopened by slipping language into a bill before Congress.

• The tribe had no knowledge that Abramoff had funded the grassroots campaign against them and agreed to pay Abramoff 4 million dollars along with several hundred thousand in targeted political contributions

• Abramoff failed to get the language inserted and the casino remains closed

• Throughout this episode Abramoff and Scanlon exchanged e-mails gloating over how smart they were and how dumb the El Paso tribe was.

I don't think I need to comment on this. The alleged facts pretty much paint a clear portrait of immense corruption and exploitation. There's nothing quite like greed to make a man forget he has a heart.

And this is only one of the many shady deals for which Abramoff is being investigated by the FBI and the Senate Indian Affairs Committee. Before the inevitable trials are complete, this might be a scandal that takes several lawmakers down with it, most prominently Abramoff's good friend, House Majority Leader Tom Delay (R-TX) who may or may not have received illegal contributions via Abramoff.

Whatever the outcome, Jack Abramoff is living proof that power, greed and a casual relationship with morality can lead a man to commit truly reprehensible acts.


At 5:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Portraits of Corruption – New Title

It would be wise to take a step back and look at other states dealing with similar problems. What’s interesting is the similarities that exist between many of the different corruption incidents outside of Washington too.

Take Chicago and Illinois as an example. I was in a family for 26 years who’s family business is Property Development. After getting married, the father and his son decided to join Organized Crime and their job was/is to “launder money” for; Political Corruption, Major sized Fraud systems and International Drug Distribution. All of these criminal systems are huge but the Political Corruption system alone is more than huge and goes all the way to the top. I’ll let you guess what “top” means, but I’m not playing games and do mean TOP.

I’m now happily divorced, but while in the family I learned many things about how the corruption system works among other things. It would be wise for those reading this to realize that “things definitely aren’t as they appear”. There is a WHOLE system of how they Launder corruption money and in many situations it goes straight into property.

In Illinois as an example, there is a huge Laundromat just for laundering money from the three criminal systems I mentioned above. Frankly a large part of this resides in a huge fast growing Christian Church in the Chicago Suburbs. Frankly, my ex-father-in-law with his oldest son went to meet with the leader of this criminal group to arrange their first murder. They called them “The Guys” for lack of wanting to describe who they really are. It gets worse from this point forward so I’ll stop right now with expanding this subject. However aside from the corruption, fraud and drug system is a whole’nother system for doing away with people who are a threat to the existence of the criminal system. Frankly, they don’t use your standard gun, clubs and knives as they opt for murdering ways that people don’t normally feel are used for murder. How about setup car accidents, poison and arrangements within certain hospitals working in a healthcare fraud system with them for the purpose of making you so sick – you die! I happen to know a great deal more and you might want to call it “knowing too much”.

So if you want to know about corruption, try “following the money” to the Laundromat! There, especially in Illinois, you’ll find a list of names of those funneling their corruption profits into Property and guess who’s name is there – Daley among many more! How do I know, we’ll lets just say that one of the army of property developers has a daughter who I was once married to.
Deep Throat II

At 5:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The question you may want to ask yourself is “If this is true then is there a larger Laundromat somewhere and what is it”?

At 6:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, Deep Throat II, why didn't you do something about it at the time?

At 8:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 6:51pm wrote:
“Well, Deep Throat II, why didn't you do something about it at the time?”

You would be surprised or better shocked to know what I went through and what happened as a result of trying to do something. That’s another story all by itself. However, as they say “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it”! There’s a lot more to this but for now, this is all I’m going to say. I’ll probably open up more later, so stay tuned. I may talk about what “the top” means as my ex-in-laws always said “Everyone’s involved”!

“Follow the money trail all the way to the Laundromat. That’s where you’ll find the list of customers to know who’s in the corruption group. This is where things really get interesting.”
Deep Throat II

At 8:32 AM, Blogger Old Fox said...

Has anyone reported or estimated the amount of money Greenberg Traurig has so far agreed to return to the tribal clients?

Once they reach a settlement it will become a sealed secret, so would like to find out before it goes under.

If half of this story is true, Jack hasn't done much to counter the rise of anti-semitism.

At 2:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Generally when situations rise to where they are out of control, that’s generally when they get caught. However looking at how wide spread this problem is and that DeLay was elevated by his peers including President Bush, it’s no wonder why many of us are asking HOW WIDE SPREAD IS THIS PROBLEM?

Is Jack Abromoff’s situation really the tip of the iceberg with regard a “Culture of Sleaze” in our Federal Government? Certainly the way it was handled earlier demonstrates that many more are involved in similar behavior!
The Grey Fox!

At 2:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a question. Compare Durbin’s comments and it played out to how DeLay’s and Abramoff’s situation played out earlier. Step back and look at both of these examples and what do you see? Does it suggest that if you belong to the Sleaze Gang, you’ll be covered and if you speak out against anything, you’re dead meat?

Is there something seriously wrong with corruption at our Federal Government level?

Why did most of them try to stop the ethics cleansing system?

Why did most of them support and even elevate DeLay?

Are all of those supporting DeLay involved in the same corruption system with “STEALING MONEY”?

At 2:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there really such a thing as a Corruption Laundromat? How about the one mentioned in Illinois? Follow the money trail worked before, can it work now?

At 2:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jack Abramoff’s “New Kind of Lobbying'' seems to have lasted for a while, where did the money go?

At 5:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

“Follow the money to the Laundromat!”

There you’ll find a treasure trove of tidbits that are more than astounding. Remember, it’s not just a washing machine either but a huge Laundromat and it’s only one part of this story. The other parts are just as astounding as this one. The question I have for you is, “You haven’t believed it up to now, so will you believe it when you see it”?
Deep Throat II

At 6:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Laundromat Further Explored!

I’ve explained a little about the Laundromat but perhaps more needs to be said. It’s important that if you want to catch a criminal, you must think like one! Remember that, as it’s the only way to find the treasure!

This Laundromat is more like a “Mother Goose”! Only this Mother Goose has laid many eggs and some should be considered “Golden Eggs”. Please consider this another treasure with the possibility of finding many more.

Now if you had a Mother Goose that laid Golden Eggs, wouldn’t you be concerned about security? I know that I wouldn’t want anyone to take my Mother Goose or even know that I had one that laid Golden Eggs, would you? Now remember, by design the Laundromat exists simply because no one would ever believe what it really is. When asked, everyone thus far says “Oh, that’s impossible!” So this offers some security but there are other “layers” of security that the Laundromat has. Please consider this as another treasure.

Also consider that Castles when they were designed had some that included moats. You know, this was a small man-made river that surrounded the castle making walking right up to it almost impossible. In the case of adding security to the Laundromat, it too has a moat here and there. But remember again, many of the Laundromat’s customers involve Political Corruption hence there are strong connections and a knowledgeable system with knowing “how to corrupt others”. Frankly speaking, “Those in Corruption always know how to corrupt others”. So when thinking of layers of security ask yourself, “What different protections exist when there’s a need to protect the Laundromat”? Just like a Castle, The Laundromat can’t be moved or changed, it’s there big as life in front of God and everyone. Maybe once you find the Laundromat and know where it is, now might be a good time to drag out a map. Look and see what’s around it and ask yourself “How many Moats do you think exist”? This is another treasure but always keep in mind who uses the Laundromat as that will allow you to see more.

“Always follow the money!” Only this time, it’ll take you to the Laundromat where you’ll find a treasure trove. But beware of it’s protection and it’s Moats!
Deep Throat II

At 6:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Psychopathic Behavior, part of this?

As briefly explained, my story should be largely seen as deeply multi-faceted. It involves connections between the following; Political Corruption (from the lowest to all the way to the Top), Very Wide Scale Organized Crime, International Drug Distribution to many States, local Drug Rings, multi-layered Fraud (Healthcare, Mortgage Fraud, Identity Fraud and much more), huge money laundering systems, I call Laundromat’s (which haven’t been found yet), Grand Scale Intimidation movies are made of all the way up to Murder in the most devious of ways and they ALL are interconnected with working relationships. Most didn’t believe before, but some are now starting to wonder if it’s true. With each day that passes, more of this surfaces and more will believe. This entire thing is very sad but it’s also very true as you’ll learn soon enough.

A recent article “Publication articulates what you already think about the boss”, by Peter Carlson from the Washington Post, July 5, 2005, describes a link between successful large corporate leaders and being psychotic. Frankly, the article includes reference to a “Psychopathy Checklist” written by Canadian psychologist Robert Hare. The article further states a “similarity between the psychopaths he has studied — Mafia hitmen and sex offenders — and the corporate crooks behind the Enron and WorldCom scandals”. The article surfaces many questions, mainly "Is Your Boss a Psychopath?" But other more real questions emerge, “What other corporate top leaders are Psychopaths?” Plus, if a direct link is found between Political Corruption, Organized Crime and Corporate leaders, does that also mean some of our Politicians are also Psychopaths? I know of some corporate leaders who’ve committed murder using their connections with Political Corruption and Organized Crime. I believe they’re Psychopaths. If you think this is nonsense then maybe you need to learn more about a few of my friend’s stories and also have a deeper look at mine as well.

Perhaps you might find it fun to list parts of what I tell you and compare them to what has and also continues to surface in the news? Most of it is there and they’re trying hard to electronically block what they can but for them, it’s a loosing battle.

Deep Throat II

At 6:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The above post discusses a possible link between corporate leaders and psychopathic behavior with many references. Experience with my Ex-in-laws suggests they are anti-social psychopath’s.

I’ve spent a great deal of time witnessing the close connection of those who murder for them. This accounts for years of time and those involved are focused in many areas of crime. That’s what they do for a living and it’s their job. However, there’s a link with very large scale Political Corruption that goes all the way to the top that makes me wonder more.

We all develop skills to help us succeed. Those involved in Political Corruption are very capable of pulling off exceptionally large capers and masking them to look like it’s a wonderful gift, maybe it’s even a God Thing! But there’s a large group working together, it makes it more difficult to resolve who is really who. This is similar to Criminal Fraud systems where many professional people group together to focus on one criminal act. Usually, those on top come down to save those on the bottom and also the opposite it also true.

Do you remember the strange suspicious deaths that surfaced during Clintons Whitewater scandal? They weren’t ruled as murder. How did all of those happen around the same time? Was it a mere coincidence? I was told in the early 90’s by my ex-in-laws that Clinton was personally involved. Obviously, that shook me up. But consider for a moment what that really means! How was it that I was able learn that Clinton was involved? Frankly, I was only married in a family who I knew joined very wide scale Organized Crime and their job was to launder money straight into property. So how did they know about Clinton? What does that say about other corruption that maybe involved at the top of our Political system?

Now consider grouping many top company leaders in many different Industries as well as Political corruption and one thing they all have in common is a self interest for greed. Money can buy almost anything, except for such things as happiness and love. Linking this group up with Organized Crime with capabilities of arranging and committing murder, they can play God as well.

I said in one of my posts that my Ex-in-laws joined Organized Crime following their first murder. That first murder was of a Bank President who ran a Bank they started along with two others around 1980. The whole story on how that happened, how it played out and who did it, is well known. But the death was ruled a car accident.

It would be wise to remember an earlier comment I said. I further explained that this group of criminals focuses on killing in ways that are acceptable to everyone as being anything but murder. An earlier attempt to talk to Police surfaced that “People with money kill with setup car accidents”. What I know is, this is big money and it involves a huge organization that spreads far beyond Illinois.

At this point, most of what is in the news focuses on ethics and corruption. However, what I know says, it involves much more than just that. The next level beyond the Laundromat is a higher level of crime that includes murder for hire. Remember what I said about skills. The people involved in this all have specialized skills and when you group them together plus add other skills you can accomplish almost anything and even get away with it! You’ll see, it’s all coming out. It just takes time because it’s so unbelievably huge.

Deep Throat II

At 6:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What’s the funny business with “D”?

Brief Background:
After marrying my wife, her family joined organized crime. They directly connected with a group who they call “The Guys”. This group should be considered a criminal policing function of a wider scale organized crime system.

Besides Political Corruption which is the largest part, this wide scale organized crime system also had a large Drug Distribution system too. The Drug system had many parts including International importing of drugs up to Chicago, redistribution to Chicago and outer states including New York and Florida. Importation was accomplished by slipping the drugs over the Boarder into Texas and shipment to Chicago in a Pepper Truck. This is the infamous “Pepper Truck” that was nailed by the DEA in early 2004. The drug distribution around Chicago was handled by two large 30 year old drug rings that were taken out during 2003. It was called Doubled-Play among a few other names.

A Policing system was necessary to keep the drug system in check. Plus keep those who are laundering and others involved happy. I know this because my ex-in-laws often needed “the Guys” to do many different things for them and would always hear new stories of what The Guys had done for them and others. They provided anything from Boogie-man tricks to murder and they never got caught. They always applied very high tech skills to monitor targets to learn when the best time to attack.

“D’s” Brief Story
My problems with these people started way before my divorce started in 1994. There were a many attempts and some were really close. Besides learning about these people, I also started to have somewhat personal experiences with them too. During 2000, I ran into an old family friend, named “D” at a huge Church in our area. Catching up on old times, she soon started to tell me about what was happening with her. Kids grown and not married, she had been working for a Mortgage Company as an assistant to a high level Manager for some time. Over time, she became irritated with his inappropriate comments, suggestions and other things even after she asked him to stop. Despite her efforts, he continued. Finally out of desperation, she decided to go over his head to the VP and file a formal complaint. Again, nothing resulted.

Soon after the VP meeting, the company was purchased by a very large Mortgage Company linked with a major well known Bank. This Bank is well known for quickly establishing outlets almost everywhere in Illinois. It should be noted that in the Finance area, this bank is considered to be MOB run by other large Banks around Chicago. I know this because a few VP level Bank officials are friends of mine.

Almost right after the new Mortgage Company took over, weird things started happening around her. She didn’t have an alarm system but like most of us, always locked all of her doors at home. The house on occasion smelled like someone had smoked a cigar inside her home. This is how she knew someone had been inside. She also started to get many strange phone calls and living alone, she started to be scared.

At work, the office area was a large open room subdivided by six foot high separators forming a maze of office work space cubicles. At work, while seated at her desk, people standing in the open aisle on the other side of her cubical and out of sight openly discussed what she did at home prior to going to bed among other things. This is only a small sample of what was going on. That started to scare her more making her question how they knew. When friends called, that too was discussed on the other side of her cubical. She also noticed that she was being followed. She became really scared and went to the Police more than a few times. Police reports were filed, but nothing ever came out of it.

While lending my ear to her stories, I soon shared some of my story. It seems while separated and after the divorce, many of the same things were happening to me as well. However, I knew details about murder and although her story was mostly about boogie-man stuff, if she wasn’t careful, she could possibly be murdered as well. As with me, there were already murder attempts and they failed with murder, they’re attempts could end up harming me. There were so many close calls that I’m not able to count them. This was beyond trying to scare anyone.

While married, we always feared having car accidents. It was her family’s paranoia. Buying a car involved having everyone judge if the car was safe enough. The explanation always was “Well you know, there’s a good chance of having a car accident”. But stories in the family that associated with the accidents explained that some people were actually killed. The only way to be safe that I learned was to move up to a SUV that had a frame which is what I now drive.

D and I started to briefly hang together especially while at the large church. I became surprised when I noticed that the same people who seemed to be harassing D were the same one’s who were harassing me. For me, traveling to and from the church was a nightmare and given the amount of attempts, I shrunk my life down to doing as little as possible. Over a brief time, noticing the similarities with D’s case and mine became very consistent and I started to believe that these are the people I knew who are called “The Guys”.

D became so scared that she started thinking of quitting her job. Times were tough and quitting meant she would loose her house but being so desperate to be safe, D did so anyway. D did loose the house and after a long while found another job.

We kept a close connection with each other then a little later during 2003, the drug system was being broken down. She told me the people who we both knew where involved were again harassing her. Only this time, one was calling her multiple times a day. D finally told him not to call her anymore. When D told me this, my thought with knowing that they are tied to the drug system was for D’s safety. My God, I thought, these people have committed murder and that could be next. I took it upon myself and made a report with the Police in her behalf.

Please note the following. The manager D worked directly for, that was written up, was given a hefty promotion and moved from the Chicago area to the State of Washington. This is where the Bank headquarters is located. Also, when I met with the Detective about her safety, he told me of another relationship with someone else who once was a manager at the same Mortgage company. This person talked about similar things that were happening to others while he worked there. The detective told me he felt it was strange until I talked to him. Now he felt it might have merit.

So adding “D’s” story, does this now sound like it’s larger than you thought? Gee, now there’s a large Bank involved along with Drugs and serious criminal behavior too.

Deep Throat II

At 6:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This post combines two stories – P & mine.

A friend I met at the end of 2002, who I’ll call P, was divorced on July 03, 1991. There are many important parts to P’s story so you’ll have to focus. Sorry for being such a taskmaster, but it’s important.

P and her husband are teachers. The divorce started in 1989 because her husband had an affair with one of his (child aged) students. Her divorce turned out to be very nasty but nothing as bad as when the divorce was finalized in 1991. P eventually heard that his attorney didn’t want to do what was asked of him. So when the divorce was finalized, her Ex got another attorney. Looking back, it’s clear this attorney had a direct connection with Corruption and Organized Crime either of a part of this or the whole thing – it’s uncertain. If you have lots of money, you can buy almost anything and he had money but not that much.

It’s a known fact that Chicago is riddled with corruption. The FBI even has conducted probes to weed out corrupt judges and others connected in the judicial system. It was learned by the FBI at that time that a judge would throw a case for as little as $200. However, the Judge isn’t the only one that had to be paid off. In order to have the case thrown in your direction, you needed to pay off the other people assigned to work along with the Judge. This is because they spend all of their time with the Judge and know how he/she rules on cases. That means the police officers, secretary and others inside the court room all are on the take.

P’s problems were continuous and numerous with problems. Frankly anyone reviewing her whole case would easily say that it was a royal mess heavily slanted with benefit towards her ex. He owed her a great deal of money that exceeded 100K and continuously filed for bankruptcy. An earlier Judge told him he couldn’t file for bankruptcy but he did anyway. Then that Judge transferred out to another district. When another Judge was assigned to P’s cases, that’s when everything went to the Ex. Look, you don’t have to believe me, it’s all in black and white so you can find out for yourself!

After her divorce P joined a Divorce group to work out her issues with at a large Church. There she met someone named “R” who also was coming out of a divorce. They became good friends. P wasn’t ready for a close relationship but a friendship would be rewarding.

Some time after meeting R, P went through more than 11 car accidents in less than 15 months. This was much later since she knew R for 10 years and it was a few years before R & P were thinking of getting married. In the last accident, P broke her foot which caused serious discomfort while wearing shoes. Soneone plowed in to P’s rear while sitting at a stop light. The van then tried to run from the scene. Luckily P wrote down his license plate number and he was later apprehended by Police. But even with all of that, the attorney’s, insurance companies and others simply would ignore her.

It’s important to know that I’ve been told by my ex-in-laws that the criminal organization is involved in a host of fraud systems including Insurance fraud, Healthcare Fraud, Mortgage Fraud and more. They do run setup car accident insurance scams all the time. They are well organized and linked along with Police, Judges and attorney’s just to name a few. So when P told me her story, I wasn’t surprised at all and became very concerned for her safety.

Over 8 years, R and P grew close and R became increasingly upset with the injustice in P’s case. He took it upon himself to research then write what was needed to file a proper motion to hopefully end the on going battle with her Ex. He wrote a great compilation explaining how her case had been mishandled and it was filed in court. I read it and it explains a great deal of this in black and white.

This grew the attention of many involved in the seemingly corruption and now something had to be done, because it was in black and white. Her Ex owed her more than 150K and she wanted her money. Her Ex doesn’t use banks, so there isn’t any record of his financials except for his earnings as a teacher. You should know that his income now is close to six figures. In court, the lawyers had somehow arranged on their own for P to only get a small fraction of what she was owed. I can’t understand why, can you?

At the same time, the Ex was trying to file for another bankruptcy only this time he did pay her the first installment. More installments were to be paid over a few years but that’s all she ever received.

Following that, R was so upset with the injustice in her case that wanted P to just get out of it. He offered to marry her and P decided it might be time, this was in 2001. They started looking at homes hoping to close out everything in P’s life and start a new one. They then left on a trip where R got sick from a kidney stone. When they returned, R was told by his doctor that he may want to consider having an additional procedure done that isn’t really needed now. R didn’t need it now but thought it would be a good idea.

R entered unknowingly one of the “Killing Machines” (that I know about from my Ex-in-laws) and had the procedure done. He came out of it with a very bad Staff Infection that caused many problems for him. He became weak and occasionally was unconscious. P often talked to his doctor trying to help R. Finally, the doctor told P that R should pull out of this as the test indicators showed he was doing better. P actually looked at the test data as it was explained by his doctor. This was nearing the end of 2001. Then around the Holidays, R seemed better and the doctor told P that he should be fine now. His doctor was pulled from his case after R was better. A few days later, R took a turn for the worse and developed a very bad “Brain Infection”. He now had two new doctors who were supposedly trying to help him.

When there were times that R felting better, he tried to call his attorney, but the attorney never called him back. R then tried writing notes and even still the attorney never got back in touch with him. R wanted to include P in his will knowing what she meant to him. Finally R became very weak and seriously ill eventually went into a comma. The hospital called his only daughter who flew in from Colorado and had been living in the area of R’s twin brother. R’s twin Brother who I’ll name “R2” and R’s daughter immediately filed a “power of attorney”. They also instructed the doctors NOT to provide any support to help her R. R had money plus a large insurance policy that was unknown to P. R’s twin brother owns many Assistant living complexes mainly in Colorado and he’s very successful and Politically connected. The two of them told P she wasn’t allowed to visit R anymore. P’s youngest daughter was considering becoming a nurse and was working at the hospital as an aid. The Hospital also instructed her not to be on the same floor that R was on. Sounds suspicious, wait it only gets worse. While R was laying in bed dying, his only daughter raided his bank account and went on a long cruise. During that time, the doctors tried to get a hold of her for permission to extend treatments, but she never returned their calls.

R’s health rapidly got worse. It was clear he wasn’t doing to make it. Then in February 2002, R passed on. R wasn’t to have an autopsy and was immediately cremated. Today, his estate is in probate and P has been deposed as well as a few others. If you were to ask P about this, she would immediately respond that his death was the result of murder.

When told this story, I felt the same that he was murdered. This wasn’t only because it sounded like murder but more that I knew this hospital is one of the Killing machines AND something else that happened at the same time R died.

Now my part in this….
While R was dying during the first part of 2002, I had a small office since 1997 where I offered development services for manufacturing. I received a call from a maintenance supervisor from a hospital requesting me personally to pay a sales call. This wasn’t normal for me to be asked to do work for a hospital so I had many questions. However, there weren’t any answers other than their request that I pay them a visit.

My travel there encountered missing three car accidents as I neared the hospital. While there, I questioned the supervisor who told me the Hospital President was who requested my appearance at the Hospital for this proposed job. However, he was hard pressed with finding work for me to quote on, so I thought they didn’t have any work for me to do. Having a small company, you need to always qualify your sales calls to make sure there are sound reasons to make the effort, otherwise you’re only spinning your wheels. The super was expected to prepare a few things we looked at for me to quote on. I left for my office and missed another car accident. If I were injured in a car accident, what hospital would they take me too?

Again a week or so later, the supervisor called me for another visit. Again, I missed having another car accident and again, he wasn’t ready with having something for me to quote on. Again, I questioned him with who is in charge of the project. And again, he told me the Hospital President was completely in charge and wanted me specifically to visit their facility. I asked if I could meet with the President and was turned down. I no longer had interest in visiting their facility, only they kept calling me for more visits.

Remember, this is happening at the same time as R was dying!

When P and I got together and swapped stories, it was “Oh My God” time. A week later, she told me she was to be deposed at a nearby R’s family attorney. While with P for the last few years, her house has been broke into numerous times as we’ve noticed doors being unlocked after we locked them. No, they didn’t break anything, they know how to pick locks and use technology to open your garage door. There’s been many other strange things that have happened as well especially when I started writing all of these posts.

P is going back to court to finalize the remainder of her divorce decree. Recently she was followed for weeks then one day arrested, but it turned out to be really strange. P had to make an appearance in court and I went along. We waited till near the end when P went up to the Secretary and asked when she might be called. When the Judge came back in, P was immediately called. P asked the judge if she could talk to the States Attorney and the Judge tried to tell her they don’t have time and he threatened to throw P in jail for three years. The States Attorney overheard P’s request and arranged for P to meet on the side. The case was quickly thrown out by the States Attorney. When P re-entered the court now requesting the Judge to sign her release papers, the Judge was outraged. He stalled showing a disinterest to sign her release form.

Also I need to mention that while sitting in the court room, one of the Policemen watching over the court zeroed in on us and kept yelling in our direction for us to not talk, but no one was talking. I’ve been writing these posts for a long time plus other things and knew that many might be reading them. Quickly I left the court room for obvious reasons.

What’s interesting is this judge isn’t the only judge involved in P’s case. Another judge was spoken to by the Policelady who wrote up P. She told P that she was going to talk to the Judge about P’s case and get back to her. Also, this Policelady also wrote up something for P earlier and when P received the final papers in court, that information had multiplied more than four times. Right after P was written up and after the Policelady called P, she turned herself in. I know because I took her to the Police station.

The two people who seemed to follow P didn’t want their names on the ticket even though they were instructed to do so by the Policelady. The Policelady actually placed her name on the order as the complainant which was incorrect. In court, the Policelady never showed up even though she was claimed that day was her court day.

Final comment….. You need to understand that this organized crime group is exceptionally well connected. P’s divorce is a fine example of corruption that completely messed up her case and anyone looking at it will confirm it as being so. It’s filled with names of attorneys, Judges and others who all play a part in this mess. It’s a fine example of total injustice connected to organized crime that also involves murder! Remember, the murder is the result of links with Healthcare Fraud and the people arranging the murder are the ones policing the Laundromat. Also remember, “The Guys” as they are called by my ex-in-laws are the ones who committed my ex-in-laws first murder of a Bank President in the Chicago area. That’s another story also!

However, the real tragedy is the murder of her friend R. It wasn’t necessary but certainly someone had it in for him. But who wanted R murdered? P and I have talked about this endlessly and we have a good idea who was behind R’s murder. I believe that R’s murder was ordered by R’s twin brother. P’s ex had connections yes, but not enough money to pay everyone to have R murdered. There’s other reasons which many suggest a Corruption and Organized Crime connection.

Deep Throat II

At 6:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Ex’s family’s first murder.
After marrying, my wife told me that we needed to visit her dad because he wasn’t feeling well. So off we went to see how her dad was doing. On the way there I asked what was wrong. Her reply was that someone was trying to kill her father. If you can imagine, I’m an engineer and killing anything is the furthest thing I would ever have on my mind

Noticeably, he was shook up. The Police had just been there and there wasn’t any new news. I was lost with how to handle myself and did the only thing I could which was to try to console his feelings.

On the way home we talked more and she told me that they are trying to kill him because he has money. I didn’t know anything so there wasn’t much for me to talk about.

Then two more times we ran to see her father. Each time he was upset and the same story that someone was trying to kill him. Finally on the way home, I asked my wife what her father might be doing that might want others to kill him? She didn’t have anything to say and I wasn’t invited to console him anymore. In a way, what I quickly learned was that you don’t ask questions in this family.

The oldest son had graduated from College with a business degree. Next there was talk about the family starting their own Bank and we were asked to participate in being customers. Then after 6 months or so, her father was outraged and constantly spewing venom about something. All I heard was yelling about a certain someone having ruined everything. Then one day after work, my wife said we both needed to run to her dad’s. Off we went and I was quickly ushered to sit at the kitchen table across from her dad and the oldest brother. To my surprise, everyone was in a happy mood. Up until this point all that was happening was a great deal of yelling and screaming and now happiness. I remained cautious.

The jokes flew and I was encouraged to join in and laugh. Then about 15 minutes later, her dad stood up and nodded to my wife. She took me by the hand and I was lead around the corner to another room where a small table with a light that shined on a small newspaper clipping. I was instructed to read it. It was an obituary notice and mentioned that name of the person who I’ve been hearing about for a few months with all the yelling and screaming. I looked around the room and noticed my wife’s father and older brother standing to my far left watching me. I then felt a lot of pressure and finally felt I needed to say something to end my position with reading this. I said “Oh, he had it coming” and stood straight up. My wife then led me back into the kitchen where I took my old seat. A few minutes later, my wife’s younger brother and his wife walked in. They sat at the table with us and it was noticeable that his wife was nervous as I was. The laughing and joking continued and she seemed surprised as I was. Finally the same thing happened. My wife’s father stood up and nodded at his son. He took his wife’s hand and led her around to another room to read that notice.

Sitting there I could only listen and finally she said the same thing I said. Exactly the same words and my wife’s father and brother were standing at the same place they stood when I read it also. Then she was led back and sat with us. My wife asked about another brother in law if he saw it and the answer was yes. Then she asked about the oldest brother in law and if he read it, the answer was yes as well.

My wife and I were the first to leave. I’m glad I remembered not to ask any questions otherwise, what might they have done to me? Getting into the car, I asked my wife what happened. She frowned while telling me that a small white car came out of nowhere and hit his car right in his drives door at full speed. She definitely didn’t want to tell me that and I didn’t know if I wanted to hear that. Considering that it sounded like a car accident, it sounded like it was a bad accident.

It wasn’t till years later that I heard through the family grape vein that it was indeed murder. However, with how it was explained, it sounded much like fantasy as well. It wasn’t till much later in the early 90’s that family members explained more in detail what was going on. There were many stories other than that one and now a picture of what was happening started to take shape. The family over all became increasingly paranoid almost to a point where they feared everything. More later….

Deep Throat II

At 4:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

More about the first murder…

My Ex’s family’s first murder post explained what I saw of this murder. There is a behind the scene part that I’ll explain here.

The Bank was started by three partners, as I was told. One owned and operated a large Movie theater. The other owned and operated a sausage packaging company that distributed their products to many of the Chicago food stores. The sausage company owner’s son had experience with working in Banks and was selected to be the Banks President. This was a startup run operation.

About 6 months after they opened, the FDIC came in and closed the Bank pending an emergency share owners meeting the following day. The owners were told by the FDIC that someone in the Bank had given a non-collateral loan for an amount that exceeded the Banks assets. The Bank needed to re-evaluate their share value and install new management to continue.

My wife’s father was outraged and wanted to know the exact detail with what really happened. The oldest brother-in-law knew from the Building development circle of a group that would be able to investigate to learn what really happened. What my father-in-law said was that B knew of this group and he is the one who hired them. But there’s conflicting stories which explain they both went forward to hire these people. However, the oldest brother-in-law went to a large church to meet with the Securities Director about handling this case. The Security Director is supposed to be the leader of this group.

Some time later, meaning more than a few weeks, the information came back explaining that a Mob person had met with the Bank President and was given the loan. I didn’t hear anything more in detail about why’s or what’s, it was just that he was approached and the loan was given out without a hassle. This is why I heard this guys name among other yelling for months.

So my wife’s father had a person to blame for what he considered as an all out theft. Following this, my wife’s father and oldest brother-in-law contracted with the same people (Securities Director) who did the investigation for the Bank President’s murder. Please remember, this person is the son of one of the two other partners. Another brother-in-law (married in like me) told me this group aggressively went after this guy to where he quickly divorced his wife and gave her everything. From what has happened to me in the past, I’m sure he figured out what was happening and then prepared with giving his wife everything.

With what has happened to me, I can easily say that they spend a great deal of time studying him to know what his life and schedule is like and more important, how he responds to many different things. They always impressed me to be extremely thorough. Phone monitoring, following and snooping in everyway possible for weeks or even months. Plus, testing with mock up car setups to see how you react, so they know how to set things up. If anything, he knew something bad was about to happen I’m sure as that’s how I felt. This group is very big on planning. I’ve noticed that on the average, they spend two weeks before starting a cycle of terror and that’s if they knew you already. It’s clear to me, that they don’t take anything for chance as they never leap to react to anything. This meant they knew his exact daily schedule with where he would be expected so they would know when to have him. Even then, they would follow him to make sure he was following along with what was expected. That’s how they operated around me and also how I knew what might be coming up ahead. But I’m sure, he wasn’t up on this as well as I was because I heard a great deal about them over the years. For him, it was new and most deadly.

So when it came time, while on his daily routine, he happened to be sitting in an intersection in the center most lane, if I remember correctly, right in front. The car that hit him, as I was told, was traveling at high speed coming in from his right, went through the red light and veered off to hit him directly in the driver’s door. They’ve tried this on me many times, but that’s another story.

Payment for the murder was accomplished with combining mortgage fraud with handing off a large building. The Mortgage Fraud technique was used to burry the ownership of a large building and still is today as the same people are involved in laundering money for Political Corruption. The payment transfer was handled by my wife’s older brother who also runs their Property Development company.

When you get involved with hiring people to carry out murder, it never ends up just a business deal. They, as well as you, are liable for the rest of your lives. There’s also NO statute of limitation either. Hence, this group also is involved in International Drug Distribution and Political Corruption including the Daley Machine as mentioned earlier. This is how my Ex-in-laws started in laundering criminal money. Not much was ever discussed openly in those earlier days other than little tidbits here and there. It appeared to be a slow progressive method of their growing involvement in this system. Over the years, there were always concerned comments about “taking care of the Guys”. My wife’s father would ask his son, “Did you take care of the guys?” He then added, “We don’t want to have them angry with us”. They seemed worried about keeping “The Guys” happy at all times.

It wasn’t until some time had passed that my wife’s father and oldest brother seemed more relaxed with their new position in Organized Crime. When that time came, they also started to become very paranoid to where they progressed to be most extreme. That feeling seemed to filter down into the family to most of us I’m sure. But I’ll speak for myself, I became pressured to control what was talked about and with whom I knew. Nearing the end of the marriage while paranoia was at an all time high, I was often questioned with who this or that person was and what we had talked about. With this treatment forced on you, it’s inevitable that members in the family eventually shaped their life styles to where they became less social. I know we did at home.

Deep Throat II

At 4:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another murder attempt that luckily failed…

The first large development project they built was a multi-building condo complex shared in partnership with another family. The collapse of the Bank removed their ability to have access to large amounts of low interest loans. Hence, they buddied up with partners for other projects until they were able to be on their own.

My wife and I purchased a condo in the first building in the first project. We wanted to start our family and it was the best solution for us. We lived there five years before moving into a house. While there, the last building was built and not long after it was finished, during a year where we had a number of 100 year rated rains, the last building had water leaking into the units. People had finished the inside of their units and now much of this was ruined. The builders were approached to fix it and what would they do to help the owners.

The problem wasn’t easy as first they needed to find out where the leaks were. What was causing the water to come inside the building? This requires testing and that was performed more than once but it didn’t show what the problem was. It dragged on and finally the building owners in their own association meetings voted to file a law suit. The building association President was someone I knew, I’ll call him “S”. S told me that he wanted to work along with the builders but the owners were forcing him to take action. S may have told me knowing I was married to one of the family members as he is a respectful guy. A law suit was filed and because of that, all work on the building was stopped. Now that lawyers were involved, the builders needed to approach the problem differently. Tensions grew.

I saw unfamiliar cars racing around the complex and mentioned it to my wife. She remarked that those possibly “The Guys”. Again, remember that I learned early on not to ask questions. Some time passed and my older brother-in-law for some reason came over to our house, walked right up to me inches away from my face and seemed very angry. He looked me in the eye and said in a very angry tone, “I know you’re friends with S. I hate him so much that I don’t care if he gets killed”! He immediately turned around and left. I was stunned and didn’t have a clue what was happening. My wife didn’t say anything either. I was totally puzzled and again didn’t know why he said it, other than he seemed upset. With such minimum said to me and all of it only being short fragments plus this family aren’t the type of people who talk much and you certainly don’t ask questions, I was lost. I remember feeling that I didn’t like what I heard.

Not long afterwards, I heard that the S had been in a bad car accident. the car was totaled and S was fine. Then a little later, I heard S was in another car accident, only this time, he was badly hurt and recuperating at home. Curious and wondering if foul play was involved, I decided to pay him a visit. Without telling anyone, I walked over to see how he was doing. S was at home, sitting in a large easy chair with his leg up and bandaged. S told me that he was surprised with the first car accident and luckily he ended up being fine. Then he went out and bought a new car and again he was in another car accident. S seemed convinced they were just car accidents and he was lucky to be alive. Hearing S talk of being convinced they were just car accidents and nothing more was suspected convinced me they might have been just car accidents. At that time, I was suspicious and didn’t have enough information to even start a conversation about them being setups. Remember there is a fear of asking controversial questions in this family. Don’t forget that I was married, just started my family. I didn’t have any idea what was really happening and only knew that my in-laws were very unhappy with what was happening.

The building President S, had two back to back serious car accidents. Looking back in my view, he’s probably lucky he’s alive. From what I know now, they were certainly gunning for him, but the art of setting up car accidents isn’t fool proof. The target car is also a moving as well and the same with the one trying to hit it. Then there’s God and luck to consider. From what happened, they may have decided to stop their attacks because if they continued, it would have attracted too much attention. This is how they operate. You can imagine how I felt while looking back at this knowing what I learned over the years. It was one of many “Oh My God moments”.

I M P O R T A N T !
I’ve mentioned many times already that “The Guys” who I know then as are the muscle end of a major wide scale Crime Organization. This group is directly connected to Political Corruption in Illinois and beyond. The Corruption that I’ve been told, goes all the way up to the TOP. I was told this during the Clinton years and it was mentioned that Clinton is involved as well. My Ex-wife’s family business is Property Development and their job in the Crime Organization is laundering money straight into property. I know for fact that Daley owns property in the Laundromat.

It would be wise to think clearly as you try to understand how is it that I know about Clinton was involved? I’m basically in a family who launders money for a variety of criminal enterprises. Clinton is at the top of the Political group which is also involved in ongoing corruption AND yet I know about it! Think of what that means! To me, if I know about it then that says there’s a huge corruption system that exists and includes a Laundromat. The Laundromat is where my ex-in-laws are! Current news about corruption suggests there is more yet to surface. I’ll tell you for fact, there’s more coming just wait and see.

“Follow the Money to the Laundromat”

Deep Throat II

At 8:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

“J” has three to add to the list!

While running my business, I needed to advertise. I hired a well known company that distributes “Regional” phone books along with CD’s to specific markets. You should be able to remember them because they also offer Encyclopedia sized set of books that do the same thing. Soon after hiring them, “J” replaced my Sales rep. I’m going to interject that during the years I’ve dealt with this criminal group, they’ve continually had people try to be in my life. This way, they always have a connection to ask questions. “J” at that time, wasn’t married but was dating someone who repaired motorcycles for a well known gang in the Elgin area.

I learned more about her when we had lunch together during sales calls. She may have been my rep for as long as three years. Starting early on and for a long time, I was tormented from dealing with problems stemming from the criminal organization. My situation was continuous and always had something new and scary to talk about. “J” had a habit of popping up right when things were hot and questions were asked with what’s happening. I often talked about the murders that I knew because they bothered me.

During lunch one time, we got on the subject of my ex-in-laws position in the criminal organization. Frankly, I had just finished a divorce and was dealing with more problems with the criminal group. “J” was single too. During our conversation after I mentioned about a few of the latest scary things that happened to me plus the story of murder that I knew, “J” opened up more about herself. “J” explained that she was married for less than 20 years into a family who have a Roofing Business in the Chicago area. She went on to explain that she knew of three (3) murders. It was very apparent she was deeply bothered from knowing about the murders as I was with dealing with what I knew. She went on to explain that she knew all three victims and that made it even more difficult to deal with it. I felt compassion for her pain as the same agony was shared by me. They all were murdered at different times throughout her marriage and no one ever got caught. We only discuss these things when together, never on the phone. With what was known about the criminal system, I had a strong feeling these three people were murdered by the same criminal group my ex-in-laws are part of. Certainly sounded like the same MO!

The most chilling thought was I wasn’t purposely asking people if they knew about any murders! It’s not something you think about yet do. These stories freely came to me without solicitation and they all seemed to have connections to my criminals.

As my situation heated up, I made it known openly about “J’s” knowledge about the three murders. I was fed up with dealing with the ongoing setup car accidents and other things! That was when “J” suddenly quit her job, changed phone numbers and seemed to have disappeared. The company she worked for is well established and knows who she is. She would be expected to verify this story because I have more than memories of our meeting.

Deep Throat II

At 8:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

“G” has one too

One of my friends at the Laundromat is named “G”. She has a God given gift of Prophecy. I witnessing one of her prophecies come true. This prophecy was different and led to surface another murder by what seemed to be the same people.

“G” had a horrifying prophecy regarding a friend’s sister that is struggling with drug addict. I can’t recite the prophecy exactly, but it said that if this person doesn’t stop, they will suffer a great loss! The timing on this is fuzzy, but after “G” connected later with this sister, it was confirmed that she was warned by the drug people to not to talk about anything. But she continued. Sometime later, her daughter died of a drug overdose. The Police ruled it a homicide a little later is what “G” told me later. The sister who lost her daughter, “G”, “P” and my self all attended the same Church where the drug people attend.

It’s important to know that the people involved are all part of the same criminal organization. This also includes the very wide scale Political Corruption system. For your information, the Political Corruption system is only one way money is funneled into the Laundromat. The criminals have other systems that funnel money there as well. One is International Drug Distribution which included two large and old drug rings around Chicago feeding their poison to everyone. This is also where my ex-in-laws connect with the leader of “The Guys” who carried out their evil tasks.

Deep Throat II

At 8:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Witnessing Drug activities in a Church!

Around 2001, I had been attending a huge church that offered a Men’s meeting. Around 60 men met early Sunday morning in a large room at the church. At one meeting I met a younger guy who was in a divorce and had just moved to Chicago. He was without a job and needed help. One of the other guys told him to talk to the Minister who ran the meeting as he’s been known to help others find work. Upon asking, the Minister directed him to one of the guys in the group, who also attended that Sunday meeting. Later, I was told he had taken a job driving a truck to pay off his bills. I didn’t see him for maybe a month then he appeared at another meeting. He had a very sick look on his face as he told me he had been driving a Vegetable truck to and from Texas. To me the way he looked, he really wasn’t happy at all. He went over to sit with another group, then later came over and asked me a few questions. When the meeting ended, the other guys who hired him mentioned out loud, as they tried to console his feelings, “Oh, those are GOOD PEPPERS aren’t they?”

It turns out he was hired to drive the infamous “Pepper Truck” that the DEA nailed in early 2003. It was carrying $92 million in drugs from Texas to Chicago for distribution in the Chicago area and to New York and Florida. As I understand it, he quit soon after he took the job. Do you blame him?

I brought up this issue among others to the church but they told me I was crazy. “These things don’t happen there”. “They do the work of God” is what the Elder told me. Sure, you bet!

Remember, the International Drug Distribution system is only one part of many with how money is funneled into the Laundromat. The other parts are very wide scale Political Corruption and many types of Fraud.

Deep Throat II


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