Wednesday, July 27, 2005

But is Hillary Qualified?

Michael over at The Mighty Middle asks us to consider if Hillary Clinton is even qualified to be president.

What exactly does Hillary bring to the table? She's a smart woman, a capable Senator. Smarter, more of a woman and more capable than Diane Feinstein? No. Why Hillary? Is she a great campaigner? No. Is she an attractive personality? No. Is she a particularly knowledgeable expert in some vital area? No. Is there a red state she would be likely to deliver to the blue team? No. Is she a deep thinker or courageous leader who has altered they way we look at politics and the world? No. Is she a strong leader? I don't see any evidence that she is.

Why Hillary? Because she has won the Money Primary. She is the front runner because the people who place early bets have decided she's the front runner, and they should jump aboard her bandwagon early to get the best seats. Hillary has been chosen by the campaign consultants and insiders and money men who have so brilliantly guided the Democratic donkey into the swamp where it now waits, trembling, for the hyenas to bring it the sweet release of death.

I guess the assumption is that she learned a lot about running the country while she was First Lady. In fact, that's got to be the thinking. Otherwise, by 2008, she'll just be an 8-year vet of the Senate with a quietly effective but hardly brilliant record. If her last name wasn't Clinton, would we even be considering her a strong candidate?

It's kind of like the old saying: all that glitters is not gold.


At 5:37 PM, Blogger Rob Jackson said...

Kind of like, if his name were George W. Biggs, would people have voted for him???

Over the history of elected Presidents and successful or unsuccessful administrations, I fail to see why it's even worth talking about what qualifies someone to be President. Apparently it's so random that it's unmeasurable.

At 5:55 PM, Blogger flaime said...

If George Walker Bush was qualified to be potus, Hilary Clinton, much as I would be disinclined to vote for her, is certainly qualified.

It is shaping up to look like another vote for the fucking nutjob Libertarian election for me. And it's still 3 years away.

At 6:55 PM, Blogger Jonathan C said...

It is rather sad when someone's qualifications are "well, she's not as bad as the one who's already in there."

OK, this line of reasoning is depressing me. I'm going to go think about Lincoln, Washington, Roosevelt (both of them), Reagan, and the first Clinton.... ahhh, much better!

At 9:02 PM, Anonymous Jennifer said...

One thing that qualifies her to be the Democratic nominee for president is that the Right has already dug up all the dirt on her. They have gone through every minute of her life looking for indescretions, and she has come up pretty clean.

I also think that having Bill Clinton back in the White House would be a big plus.

Hilary's own time in the White House is a very big deal. She saw the mistakes of a young, fresh-faced administration first hand and knows how to avoid those mistakes.

The big negative with Hilary is that so many minds are already closed against her. The Right did a fabulous job of demonizing her.


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