Wednesday, July 27, 2005

DC gun laws under attack

Whether or not you believe an individual has the right to own and possess a gun, there are multiple jurisdictions around the country that have established regulations that limit gun possession and distribution within the jurisdiction. The courts have ruled some bans unconstitutional, others have been upheld.

As a result of one of these local decisions, just a few weeks ago, the NRA announced a decision to move its planned 2007 convention from Columbus, Ohio.

Washington, D.C. is home to some of the most restrictive local gun control laws in the nation. The DC City Council and the Mayor are unanimously opposed to revising or relaxing the city’s gun laws.

Late last month, the U.S. House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to repeal one of the District's gun restrictions. The federal legislation would allow residents to keep in their homes loaded and assembled rifles and shotguns, as well as handguns purchased before 1976, loaded and assembled.

The effort by Congress to override the city’s regulations is outrageous, especially as the City does not have a vote in congress. The small, but growing, number of advocates in the city seeking a repeal of the District’s gun laws should appeal to their representatives on the city council. And, Congress should treat Washington, D.C. as it does every other local jurisdiction in the nation – with a hands off approach.


At 9:07 PM, Anonymous Jennifer said...

Wow. This really is outrageous.

I suppose they need to own the loaded rifles because there is such good hunting in DC?

At 10:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Restrictive Gun Laws prove the point that they are useless. If they worked in DC then there should be no crimes committed with guns within the city limits. Since crime is committed with guns within the DC limits, the restrictive gun laws do nothing. Better to let honest citizens own guns easily so that the crime rate in DC can be reduced. Politicians who support stricter gun laws would rather see honest citizens become the victim of crimes rather than have the criminals brought to justice by honest citizens.

At 3:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have lived in what i guess would be called a Bad area in DC for about 5 years now. In that time I've witnessed 2 carjackings (In front of peoples homes), 3 shootings, and 1 home invasion. I have no pity for criminals I sincerely believe in an eye for an eye, but obviously criminals can not buy guns legally. The only thing this gun ban in DC has accomplished is to take firearms away from honest citizens that only wish to feel safe in thier homes


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