Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Moderate Republican on the War on Terror

What I enjoy most about moderates (as distinct from ideologues) is their willingness to debate ideas. You don’t have to be a Centrist to be moderate and not all Centrists are moderate, but Dennis over at The Moderate Republican is indeed a moderate Centrist. And he’s been sharing with his readers a debate he’s been having with another blogger concerning the War on Terror and what strategies should be used to win.

The first post is here.

The second is here.

Some great ideas and some well-thought out points. We need more people willing to use reason to communicate ideas instead of using blind faith in an ideology. The good news is, even if we don’t often get that from our elected leaders, it’s happening on the blogs and amongst the people at large. That, in my mind, is a good thing.


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