Monday, July 25, 2005

Mainstream Media Itching for a Roberts Fight

In an in-depth post, Charging RINO reports that that mainstream media (with an assist from blogs) is manufacturing a conflict in the John Roberts Supreme Court Nomination. Basically, the Bush administration is being accused of stonewalling Democrats by refusing to turn over papers related to Roberts' tenure in the Reagan and Bush I administrations.

Problem is, that's not true. The Democrats on the Judiciary Committee have not yet requested those documents and the White House has not refused to provide any documents. There is no story. But the mainstream media is apparently incapable of reporting news that is not based on conflict.

This kind of shoddy journalism feeds right into the wants of interest groups determined to turn what should be a civil nomination process into an all-out war. In fact, I would not be surprised that the "document issue" was manufactured by left-leaning interest groups in an attempt to invent a crisis. The fact that the media would latch on to such a non-story is incredibly disappointing.

Hopefully the White House and Democrats on the Judiciary Committee can rise above this false controversy and get on with their work.


At 10:42 AM, Blogger Jonathan C said...

It became apparent about two hours after we learned who the nominee would be that the type of fight everyone on the fringes was ecstatic about (and we centrists were dreading) was not going to happen this time around. If those withs vested interests in a fight decide to wage one anyway, it will be a bad day for the Constitution.


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