Friday, July 22, 2005

Remembering those Murdered in London

By the grace of God, no one died in yesterday’s bombings in London. But that was obviously not the case two weeks ago when terrorists killed 52 commuters on the London transportation system. Yesterday, authorities released the final name of those 52 victims—a young Afghani man who had moved to London to escape the Taliban who had murdered his parents.

The names, faces and short biographies of those killed are available here. Some say it is morbid to view such a site. To me, it is essential. It’s essential to remember those who were lost. To see for ourselves how indiscriminate the terrorists are. How they will kill anyone and everyone just because they can. The young, the old, Christian, Muslim, Jew, black, white, asian, they don’t care.

And that’s the point. We look at these names, read the 100 or so words devoted to their complex and important lives and we can’t help but hurt. The terrorists feel nothing. Or worse, they feel proud of their carnage.

There are not words strong enough to express the depth of the terrorists’ evil. But there is resolve strong enough to confront them. The British clearly have that resolve. And so do we.


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