Saturday, July 02, 2005

NPR/PBS Bias Watched With Bias

What do you do if you think NPR and PBS have a liberal bias? If you're the Republican-appointed President of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, you hire a consultant to secretly monitor the two stations.

But what is a liberal bias? In an excellent article, Dennis Sanders reveals that, apparently, a "liberal" is anyone who disagrees with the Bush administration. For example, even Republican Senator Chuck Hagel is deemed a liberal talk-show guest because he criticized the President--this despite the fact that the Senator regularly gets 100% conservative ratings from conservative interest groups.

This is clearly a biased attempt to uncover bias. And our tax dollars paid for the whole mess. Read the article.


At 10:29 PM, Blogger Sean said...

this merely points to the problems created when government is involved in areas it should not be. Of course there is libarazl bias, and of course it will be taken too far. Of course, it will then be taken too far in the opposite direction.
when will people wake up, and realize that public funding automatically means it will be full of political decisions. You cannot complain about one, if you didnt complain about the other.


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