Thursday, May 12, 2005

A scare at the Capitol

Yesterday at about noon, a scare rocked the U.S. Capitol and much of downtown Washington, D.C. I was there to experience most of it and only after a few hours learned what had happened.

As the incident has been well covered by the media, I won’t go into details of the event. But, TYL needs to commend the Capitol Police, DC Metropolitan Police and the other law enforcement agencies on hand for the role they played during the scare. While there was certainly a lot of confusion, staff, visitors and the rest of us were quickly and efficiently moved away from the Capitol complex.

TYL joins former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge in calling yesterday’s intervention a success.

As an aside, TYL really wants to know how the pilots – who were aware of the flight restrictions around Washington, D.C. failed to recognize where they were. It’s not like they shouldn’t have been able to see the Capitol, the Washington Monument or any of the other major landmarks around the DC area from where they were when the military jets almost shot them down….


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