Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Darfur is Not the Only Tragedy in Africa

The international community has still failed to adequately address the genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan. What's sad is that Darfur has actually elicited a fair amount of coverage and still very little has been done. With the world's weak commitment to the troubles of Africa, it is no wonder other tragedies have gone almost unreported, as covered by The Coalition for Darfur:

In Uganda, the Lord's Resistance Army has abducted some 20,000 children and forced them to become either soldiers or slaves. The attacks have displaced nearly 2 million people and every night, tens of thousands of children trek to the cities to sleep, in hopes of avoiding the rampant kidnapping. For years, the LRA had been supported by the government in Khatroum, the same government now responsible for the genocide in Darfur.

In the Congo, an estimated 3.5 million people have died of disease, starvation and violence since 1998. The situation in the Congo can be directly traced to the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, which itself took nearly 1 million lives. There are currently 19,000 UN peacekeepers in the Congo with a mandate to disarm the militias, but so far they only attention this peacekeeping force has received has come from allegations that soldiers are sexually abusing the residents of the DRC.

Darfur is an anomaly only to the extent that it has managed to generate a significant amount of coverage and global attention. But if the world does not act soon to address this genocide in Sudan, is it all but inevitable that it too will eventually evolve into years-long, seemingly intractable conflict such as those found in Uganda and Congo.


At 3:56 PM, Anonymous said...

How utterly and despairingly tragic. B-list actress Katie Holmes wants to join some alien-based religious cult, and this is front page news. The Yankees want to build a $800 million ballpark, and people think it's a good idea. Millions of innocents in Africa are perishing at a heartbreaking rate, and no one does anything. Unreal. Paging Brad Pitt, please keep talking about this...

As for you Yellow Line folks, I just found you and am THRILLED to know you have found political harmony on the Internet. I am not alone in my disgust over the decline of the only two lousy parties we got. Thanks for being a voice of reason. - M.e.F.

At 4:35 PM, Blogger Alan Stewart Carl said...

Thank you. You might not always agree with us, but we do try to avoid the propaganda of both sides.

We also avoid the tabloiding news--although I do have a habit of writing about the Spurs.

Hope you keep coming back. Thanks!

At 11:35 PM, Anonymous julie dean said...

i have just finished watching hotel rwanda for the first time. i have run across your website while searching for an outlet to help in darfur. i cannot sleep knowing this is going on. what do i do? can anyone direct me toward efforts to get some help to these poor people being tortured, displaced, raped, taken from family, killed?
how are we petitioning our government and the un?

At 12:00 AM, Blogger Alan Stewart Carl said...

Julie, check out The Coalition for Darfur at They have links to multiple organizations working to provide help.

Also, I would encourage you to contact your representative and senators and them know this is an issue you care about.

At 5:38 PM, Anonymous Dave said...

it was terribly amusing to hear vocal anti-(Iraq) war activists demanding that "something" be done about Darfur. What exactly? Should we send them a note?


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