Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Go Spurs Go

The series was tougher than the 4-1 outcome. My heart nearly stopped in every 4th quarter. But, all said and done, the Spurs did their thing, wrangled the high-flying Suns and are back in the NBA Finals.

Seeing your team compete for a championship, that's why you do it. That's why you let your heart crash with every loss, soar with every win. There's something a little crazy about tying your emotions to the outcome of a game. Aren't there greater causes? Sure. But that's not the point. Being a fan is about fun. It's about cheering and screaming and surrounding yourself with an entire community going through the exact same emotions. That's really it. Fun. And you gotta have fun in life.

And there's nothing as fun as playing for a championship. In your life, you never know how many times you'll see your team play for it all. This is the third time for us Spurs fans. We're a lucky bunch. But we're not taking it for granted. We're going to have as much fun with this as we can.

But I have to give Phoenix serious respect. They're good. Scary good. Amare Stoudemire is a superstar in the making. Steve Nash deserved that MVP. Give 'em one more year and they could very easily make the finals. I'm pretty sure Suns fans will be having a lot of fun in the next few years.


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