Friday, June 10, 2005

One Down. Three to Go for Spurs.

Spurs-Pistons Game One final score, Spurs 84, Pistons 69. Pretty much the defensive battle everyone thought it would be. Tim Duncan had his usual dominating game (24 pts/17 RB) but it was Manu Ginobili (26 pts/9 RB) who went off in the fourth quarter and single-handedly took the game over. He was driving past three Pistons at a time and finding a way to put the ball in the hole.

But this series isn't over by a long shot. Detroit clamped down in the first, taking a 17-4 lead and making me want to chunk my Coke at the TV. If the Pistons can find away to run that type of defense for the rest of the series, they'll have a serious shot. That said, the Spurs showed in Game One that they know how to win the big games. How often does a team go down by 13 in the first quarter and end up winning by 15? That's how champions play.

Great game. Not just because I'm a Spurs fan but because these two teams know how to ball. These guys aren't hot shots, these guys aren't me-first. These guys on both teams know how to play and play it at both ends. Some are going to call this series boring. Nah. It ain't about how many baskets are scored. It's about how much intensity is laid on the court. And if Game One is any measure, this series is going to be intense.


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