Thursday, June 02, 2005

Schwarzenegger Tackles Global Warming

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed an executive order that commits his state to reducing greenhouse gasses by 20% by 2020. While offering no specifics in how the goal will be achieved, Schwarzenegger has tasked California’s Environmental Protection Agency with developing the necessary policies and incentives.

Global warming is a legitimate threat acknowledged by most scientists around the world and the EPA. Scientists may not be able to say what the exact effects will be to each specific region, but there is little doubt that the overall effects will be harmful to most and devastating to some. Addressing the situation sooner rather than later is the only responsible course of action. Government must take the lead because private industry simply lacks the incentives to do so alone.

The challenge now is to find solutions that minimize global warming without the kinds of burdensome regulations that could cause serious problems for the economy. Because California is the only state committed to this level of emissions reduction, Schwarzenegger will have to ensure his plan solves the environmental problems while keeping his state competitive in the U.S. and global markets. The balancing act will likely push Schwarzenegger to incorporate market-based solutions into his plan. The more that can be accomplished through incentives rather than regulation, the better.

The creativity and focus needed to achieve Schwarzenegger’s ambitious goals will be good for the country. The federal government under Bush has shown no interest in combating global warming in any substantive way, so its heartening to see California take the lead on this important issue. Hopefully, they will find the new solutions and new technologies necessary to combat global warming while still protecting the economy. Hopefully, the rest of the nation will soon follow suit.


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Here are a few items aimed directly at global warming NOBODY should have a problem with:




WildFire is paradoxical. Nature needs it but not at the rate humans cause it.


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