Friday, July 29, 2005

Australia Bans Grand Theft Auto

Apparently, overreacting and inconsistent moral standards are not things unique to America. Australia’s Office of Film and Literature Classification has just outlawed the sale of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas because a code downloaded from the Internet can unlock explicit sex scenes in the game.

As we have previously written, it’s hard to imagine that a sex scene, no matter how explicit, would somehow make this already ultra-adult game any more adult or offensive. To reiterate, this is a game where you kill cops, engage in gang warfare, pimp prostitutes, carry out hits and generally perform the vilest acts of violence imaginable. You can set people on fire with a flame thrower and watch the burn and hear their screams, for goodness sakes!

I’m not one to tell another nation how to run their country. So I’ll just say that I’m glad to know that we in America may have overreacted to this issue, but at least we didn’t take the unforgivable action of censorship.


At 11:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Alan, your brother here :) Being a game head myself, I think I might be able to speak well on this issue. Yes, violence is not a good thing and showing it to our children should be limited, hence, game ratings like movie ratings. GTA is rated mature, thus, only adults should be able to buy it. I watched my first rated R movie (Revenge of the Nerds) with you when I was like 10 and years of Monty Python before then. If that didn't turn me into (more of a) loon than I am, then I don't know what will. With all the other problems in this country, trying to stop a video 'game' should hardly be a priority. If the people can't tell the difference between the game and real life, they have other issues that the game will not promote or solve. Remember, Dungeons and Dragons sent kids to satanism. Rock and Roll in the 50's was going to turn all the teenagers into hate-mongers. This is just this generations problem.

That link shows some good info.

At 8:40 AM, Blogger Alan Stewart Carl said...

Will you look at that. My brother and I agree about something!


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