Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Evil Begets Evil in London Terror Attacks

A Muslim man was beaten to death in Nottingham, England. While the police are claiming the incident was not a hate crime fueled by last week's terror attacks in London, the juveniles responsible shouted slurs at the man and it's hard to imagine this wasn't related to the London bombings.

James at In Search of Purple has this to say:

This shows how guilty all walks of life can be when it comes to senseless violence. Tony Blair and the British government need to get racial and religious rifts under control before the country is polarized to extremes. Creating a culture of understanding is key to winning the War on Terror.
The worse possible outcome of the London Bombings would be race riots similar to the ones America saw throughout the 20th century.

I would agree and add that the British Muslim community has a lot of work to do as well. The Muslim community cannot afford to allow extremist Islamic sects to find refuge in the greater Muslim community. Nor can hate crimes like the one in Nottingham lead British Muslims to side with the radical Islamic elements. Both the terrorists and the street thugs should be condemned by all sides. And not just condemned following their actions, but regularly condemned for their ideology of hate and violent temperaments.

Good people will win this. But it will take work.


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