Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Illinois to tell drivers how to behave when pulled over

A confrontation between Rev. James Meeks, an Illinois state senator, and a white Chicago police officer during a traffic stop has spawned concerns about racism and drawn sharp criticism of the Chicago Police department throughout the Land of Lincoln. In response, the state will include information on how to behave during a traffic stop within the state’s driver education materials.

Reports indicate that the officer pulled his gun and instructed Meeks to return to his car after the care Meeks was riding in was pulled over.

The full story on the stop hasn’t come out yet, but there is likely more to this. Nevertheless, there is nothing in official reports to indicate that the officer did anything wrong. He pulled his weapon in response to being approached by an individual who exited a car from the back seat after a traffic stop. While race could have been a factor, I’m sure that most officers would react in a similar fashion regardless of the race of the individual leaving the car.

Rev. Meeks needs to apologize for his inappropriate behavior (leaving the car) and work to help the Chicago Police department fight crime rather than fuel criticism that the department is engaging in unjust racial profiling.


At 4:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rev Meeks not only left a car after a traffic stop, but did not immediately return to the car when told to do so. Are these the actions of a "law-abiding" citizen, or of a person who feels that he is so important that by virtue of being a passenger in a car, that car should not be stopped no matter what traffic offenses might have been committed.

The various accounts of the incident as reported in newspapers leads you to believe that Rev Meeks cannot keep his story straight as to exactly what happened.

Ultimately though, it was thru the actions of Rev Meeks that the situation escalated beyond a normal traffic stop, not by the actions of the Police officer.

I am sick of his whining about racial profiling just because he couldn't talk his way out of a ticket.


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