Thursday, July 07, 2005

more thoughts on the tragedy in London

Alan has already posted on the tragedy in London and extended our sympathies to the victims and their families and
there is nothing more that I can say other than I echo his comments.

I did, however, want to share some more personal thoughts on the events in London. I spent the summer of 1996
working in the British Parliament for the Right Honorable Denis Howell. Lord Howell was a Labour MP from
Birmingham that was best known for being the nation’s first Minister of Sport. It was less well known that Denis,
personally, was the victim of an IRA terrorist bomb that nearly killed his wife and two of his young sons. My
conversations with him, his wife, and his children were brought back to me as I saw the scenes from London this
morning.....scenes of places that I knew from my short stay in the city.

Denis and his family were attacked by the IRA in the late 1960s. It’s not my place to discuss the feelings that the
Howell family had for those who attacked them, but I will say that even 25 years later the anger and bitterness were
not far from the surface. Their wounds may have healed, but the anger towards those who committed the acts did not

I can only imagine what those in London are feeling right now - even after being in Washington, D.C. during the
attacks here on September 11th. However, I do know that the feelings of fear, of anger, of distrust, and of hatered
are certainly inside everyone. I only hope that the nation and its people can heal and move forward in a way that will
lead to peace - even if the anger can never subside.


At 1:44 AM, Blogger veggiedude said...

Let's not forget that many American's supported the I.R.A. over a 30 year period with moral support, financial aid and even with guns. The American legal system kept escaped bombers on the run in this country for years as they fought extradition. This is similar to how some in Iraq supported (in particular, Saddam) the suicide bombers in Israel. Talk about living in glass houses.


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