Wednesday, May 04, 2005

How Kerry Can Still be Useful

Senator John Kerry is convinced he can get the Democrat’s 2008 nomination, as The Hill discusses in today’s issue. This news either shows Kerry is a boldly determined man or just a very deluded one.

According to The Hill, Kerry is maintaining e-mail contact with his large list of supporters and is already holding fundraisers. Does Kerry even have a shot? After all, his biggest (perhaps only) selling point in 2004 was that he wasn’t Bush. And he only won the Democratic nomination because, frankly, the Dems put up a terrible field with less flavor than a box of rice cakes.

But it’s probably good for the party that Kerry is going to run again. He will be a living, breathing, meandering example of everything the party needs to avoid. His large e-mail contact list, his fundraising network and his name recognition will all keep him a serious contender just long enough for the other candidates to have to position themselves as “not Kerrry.”

And for the Democrats, not-Kerry is exactly where they need to be headed.


At 1:32 AM, Blogger Robert Rouse said...

While I still get Kerry's newsletter, I was never a real Kerry supporter. Like most people who pulled Kerry's lever or checked his name in the last election, we were voting against George Bush. There is no way any of us (except maybe Teresa Heinz Kerry) will go with Kerry again. Speculation is that the current front runner, Hillary Clinton will get the nomination. I'm sure other names will pop up between now and the start of the next campaign, and I am hoping people take a close look at Indiana Senator Evan Bayh. He's a moderate with good ideas and maybe one of the only Demos who could carry a lot of the Midwest and Southern states. Any Demo who can remain popular in a Republican state like Indiana should be be high on anyone's list.

At 3:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, I believe that part of the reason Kerry *didn't* win was precisely this attitude. The Republicans were solidly behind their candidate, but far too many Democrats had the ABB attitude and no matter how hard they worked or how much time and money they gave to the campaign (and many were significantly generous with both), they could never really be as persuasive or effective as they might have been if their hearts were in it.

Myself, I paid NO attention during the primary, or very little, having been deeply depressed and made cynical by a lifetime of watching Democrats lose (with the shining exception of Bill Clinton in the 90's!) But I watched Kerry's speech at the DNC and I thought it was most inspiring. I was intrigued enough to start really researching the guy and I saw someone who was NEVER shown in the mainstream media and is still invisible to most of the general public. This man is truly a committed public servant and a good, decent guy. It took some time to cut through the propaganda (put forth by the Republicans ever since he pissed off Nixon and, unfortunately, believed and perpetuated by not only the media but also members of his own party) but once I did I saw that Kerry is not only NOT boring and incompetent and indecisive, but the very opposite. He is a bit of a goofball, it's true, but he's funny and vibrant and adventurous. He loves his family, he's been a fantastic dad, and he's one of the greatest patriots we have. The REAL kind of patriot, one who believes in and champions the principles our country was built on, rather than one who keeps saying "freedom" while trampling on everything the word stands for.

If you actually take the time to read about Senator Kerry's life and career (I recommend the Independents for Kerry site, which was the one to which I pointed people during the campaign), you will find that you have been given a very twisted and inaccurate portrait of a very passionate and brilliant American.

I fear that some of the Democrats who are so virulently against Kerry are former Dean supporters who blame him for Iowa, but the research I've done suggests that Dr. Dean would not agree with their rancor.

Senator Kerry's first presidential campaign had its problems. No one could be adequately prepared for the kind of war machine the Republicans rolled out and Kerry made some missteps, but he has never given up in his life and next time he will be ready for them. He is a brave guy and we are lucky that he cares enough about this country to want to lead it into a brighter future, even knowing how much personal abuse he and his family will face.

Do yourself a favor. Try to take off the blinders of media and GOP stereotyping and really do some research on Kerry. He's one of the best and brightest we have in this country.

At 4:38 PM, Blogger Alan Stewart Carl said...

Anonymous Kerry Supporter--

I do not doubt that the "real" Kerry is a more complex, more vital man than that portrayed by the media. I also think Bush is probably a more complex, more vital man than what is presented.

If the Kerry campaign could have been as eloquent and passionate as your post, they would have done a lot better.

But I have never questioned the man's patriotism, just his politics. I think he represents the old-school wing of the Democratic party--the part still stuck in the thinking and rhetoric of the 60s. He seemed to offer little in the way of a new vision. In essence, he ran as a conservative, a guy that would return us to the pre-Bush days. That was appealing to a lot of people but it's not a message that can carry a party forward.

I voted for Kerry. But I never felt comfortable with the man and will not be supporting him again. He just doesn't seem able to communicate where this country should go. The world has changed a lot since Kerry first made his mark. But I'm not so sure he has changed with it.

At 10:13 PM, Anonymous Patrick Hanrahan said...

John Kerry didn't let us down. Democrats don't win because a lot of democrats prefer to attack themselves rather than the corrupt and dangerous republican party. Those who are Anybody But Bush ran around quoting Karl Rove propaganda about their own candidate. How do you expect to win that way?

Republicans solidly back their candidates, whereas Dems don't. Republicans don't have to deal with "Nader factors" but democrats do because the extreme liberals are weak.

Kerry's DNC speech was awe inspiring and filled me with great pride about being a democrat. In fact, it was he who attracted me to the party in the first place!

He stepped up every time the pressure was on. He annihilated Bush in the debates, something which Gore was unable to do. Who can forget Bush pouting while erry slammed his inept foreign policy?! He hammered Bush relentlessly and and never backed up an inch. The wartime incumbency and the Bin Laden video hurt us in the end.

Kerry's a committed public servant and a great leader. Democrats must cut through the propaganda put forth by the Rove Republican controlled media. Kerry is not only talented and intelligent, but his integrity is impeccable. He has diversified interests, is passionate and sincere in wanting to help our country get through the Bush morass. His patriotism cannot be questioned.

we have. The REAL kind of patriot, one who believes in and champions the principles our country was built on, rather than one who keeps saying "freedom" while trampling on everything the word stands for.

Democrats must stop blaming John Kerry for Bush's Iraq war. Kerry's foreign policy experience make him the perfect candidate to end the war and rebuild our respect in the world.

Kerry is gritty and has never given up in his life. Next time he will be able to win the White House and fight for ALL Americans. He's courageous and willing to endure the smear campaigns to lead our country into a brighter future.

He has the potential to be one of the best presidents this country has ever had. He has my full support in 2008.

Patrick Hanrahan
Memphis, Tennessee


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